(subj: breaking boards)

You’re only supposed to break 2 boards, but I broke three ’cause the first one snapped while I was setting up for my sidekick. It was kinda funny, ’cause I just tapped it and it snapped, like boom. Of course, it probably had a huge invisible crack in it, but some started joking about ooh look how powerful Rebekah is. When I really broke a board with my sidekick, though, it scraped my ankle bone. 😣

(subj: younha)

Randomly stumbled on “Younha”. Her songs caught my interest now. Her hair is short! That’s what I first noticed. I was like, “Hey, another short one!” and then she can blast away on the piano and sing like a siren at the same time without missing a beat, and live, too… so yeah. I need a new favorite, and she’s the candidate…

(subj: day on the green)

We went once on the bouncy slide thing. The kids in front of me plowed down the staff dude who was supposed to keep it safe. Then he lost his balance again. Then he looked at me and said, “neehow.” I glared at him. Then he said, “Neehow? Koneechiwah?” Inwards, I flinched. Outwards, I glared. He turned to the fob girls behind me. “Neehow..?” Lisa said, “Hello,” and laughed. I thought he was stupid. He nearly ruined the ride. Then just as I was about to go the second time, he said, “We’re closed for now.”