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hah i love that one. “i’m at Death’s door”.
i wonder if i should go towards psychology instead of veterinary medicine? because all of a sudden, psychology has a lot of practical use.
i wish people would stop trying to evaluate my looks. just because i have short hair does not mean i’m trying to go punk rocker or whatever. i’m just too lazy to brush my hair and i’m tired of hearing varsha BSing.
it ticks me off when i catch any of my friends scrutinizing themselves in the mirror. what the hell. it’s not like they retie it. they just, scoot this out of the way, pat this back, etc. as soon as they leave, it’s the same again, whether they like it or not. unless it’s seriously going to be weird, just leave it and let us use the damn sink.
ack. my stand partner is rebelling. and i haven’t really quashed it yet. -_<. i shouldn’t have told him how dear to the general student body he is. i always use his life to blackmail others into giving me what i want, though.
me *singsong* “0=] okay then, tomorrow you’ll see albin’s remains swinging from that post there”
person “nooo! i’ll talk i’ll talk.”
perfect torture technique… so far.

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  1. 2007/05/23 19:41

    lol Becca i don’t even know like 1/2 of you i just mess around with you like a normal teenager i just understand a gist of your personality.

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