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does anyone know how to play dai hin min?  cuz i recently suddenly thought, “i have to learn dai hin min!”.. but i don’t trust wikipedia so much.  and it’s “outside links” aren’t useful at all.

i just thought of a way to freak people out, but i doubt i can put it to use.
i still want to learn dai hin min (card game, btw). kelly’s going to see if she can do anything to help, but she herself doesn’t know.
i just randomly began this wannabe manga scene thing… i like it, it’s entertaining because it’s so friggin random. first there’s 2 girls, one’s being annoyingly ditzy so the other kills the first.  then there’s this big-mouthed girl and a mascot-like girl (got the idea from bleach cuz i’m a yachiru “fan”) yelling “cut”.  then not-as-ditzy-right-now girl 1 snaps at girl 2, but director says the exact opposite, and both annoy girl 2. as they bicker, a short girl tries to make peace, but is totally ignored, while a tall, serious girl acts sorta like her guard. mascot gets director to bring in the other 2 (failing miserably due to bad persuasion skills) and they’re wondering if she’s drunk when a new girl knocks. she’s dressed like the others (in “costume”, not “normal”) but is acting like a stereotypical “cool guy”. mascot promptly attacks as a welcoming gesture, and new is really confused, then annoyed. while she’s glaring at mascot, ditz attacks, shrieking excitement because she thinks new is “so cool”. new is already depressed about her new duty and rubbing her neck from the attacks when annoyed, shortie, and serious show up and introduce themselves. new is even more freaked out because annoyed and serious look like guards for shortie. as you can see, i’m stealing a lot of ideas..
guards and shortie from fruits basket.
mascot from bleach.
new is a compilation (refuse to elaborate)
director from OHSHC
and the rest is from normal inspiration… friends… originally i wasn’t going to add the whole “guess what this is really about”, but i thought someone might think i was bloodthirsty and get me some more fuss from the counselor’s, so i added some random crazyness to even it out.

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  1. 2007/05/01 03:41

    Oh Well. Nevermind. We’re both confused! Haha.

  2. 2007/05/03 22:17

    uh…*clears throat*…you should draw it out because i have no idea what you’re saying.

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