(subj: haircut)

It’s pretty fun. A ton of people said I’m cute, a lot of people think I just went j-rocker (me: hehh???? *scratches head in confusion*), including my dad, who said “you punk… *switches to chinese* stinky guy,” and Sam-who-won’t-stop-classifying-me who said, “You totally went from emo teenager to teenage wannabe j-punk rocker” and really needs to stop shoving me into some stereotype. Some think that, oddly enough, I look more girly with short hair, and a few people thought it was weird. Like Brian Z and Nick who would not stop pointing and Nick had this stupid laugh thing going.

I thought I was going schizo at one point, because I heard, “Rebekah Rebekah Rebekah Rebekah…” overlapping, echo-y, and every direction except in front of me where I could see. A girl I don’t even know stopped me and said she liked my haircut. Two girls I’m not really friends with have called me cute in one way or another said so quite a few times in the past seven days. It used to be “I like your skirt” or “I like your shirt.” On Friday it was “You look really cute in that hairstyle.” Today it was “Your hairstyle looks cute on you” (me: 😑 cute? CUTE? I preferred it when Varsha said i looked like an 16 year old—big improvement on 30). Even Mrs. Russell said a full, like, three sentences on my hair.

You’d think that I wouldn’t hear talk of my hair once I lost it all, would you? 🙁 😛. That should be over tomor- oh, no, Katherine and Kelly weren’t here. I’m not done yet.


(subj: orchestra trip)

Saturday started out pretty miserably. And we did pretty miserably. But then I found out Nick wasn’t there.

I blackmailed a couple of my stand partner’s buddies into dragging my stand partner on a roller coaster ride, and double checked to make sure they went.

Pat-me-on-the-head whose name I found to be Kevin (too many K–‘s at Harper?) accidentally showed up nearly everywhere I was. We lined up for log rides when a group of 7 asian Harper guys show up and it’s like, “aaaahhh we’re being attacked!” because Kevin NG either poked, hit, or pinched me and I thought it was pat-me-on-the-head Kevin, so while I was trying to break down his guard and attack him, his buddies sneaked past one by one. Finally, Ng fesses up. I tell them to stop picking on me. Ng tells me to just take it. I said, “Like you do.” He says he lets *points at person, forgot which* pick on him. I tell them not to cut. They said a couple of their friends were here first. I said no they weren’t. They said oh well sucks for you. Why can’t they be like Harper girls and leave us alone, I’d like to know?

(subj: orchestra bus, school bus)

I tied my hair into a ‘bun’ today:
“you look older”
“well, I’d like to look twenty, but not thirty
I think it was Varsha that said that… It’s funny to laugh over with my bus buddies for today (a high schooler whose twin was the second 1st violin last year, and Felicia L.)

This part also made me laugh:
Pat-me-on-the-head made a fuss over bus seating.
First he looked around the whole bus, then he slowly, veryveryvery reluctantly started sitting down next to me. I’d just telegraphed to Felicia that I was on the bus and was saving the seat for her, and he began to try to sit down (I kept my backpack in the way).
I said, “No, you can’t sit here,” and blocked his arm (he was shoving back, otherwise I would have pushed him off). I said, “She’s sitting here” (Felicia was watching, kind of amused). He said, “Why do you have to be so mean?” Felicia said, “Because that’s Rebekah.”
He started trying to bicker with her, and she said, “We’re neighbors,” and, “I’ve known her a lot longer than you have,” and since he talks with a slur (like violent Kevin), I didn’t catch what he was saying. He backed off when she told him that she’d already saved it for herself before she’d got on.
The whole time, I was laughing like, “What the hell does this kid think he’s doing?”
She asked “is that __?” I said I d’know, and she said something like, “You knew him for a while but you still don’t know his name?”

The bus is rarely boring. Actually, on Friday it was a little crazier. A kid I don’t know nudged my backpack, so I let him sit. He said, “Yeah, that’s the Husky way!” I said “what?” so he said something similar and I finally got it (he assumed I was a schoolmate and their mascot is the husky).
After a while, “What book are you reading? Oh, that book is really good. Are you at the best part yet? You know, that part where that one chick does that one thing? Oh, you are! Hey, __, she’s at that one part where that one chick does that one thing!” (Obviously he didn’t actually read David Copperfield.)
A moment later, “I wanna take a picture,” and gets out a camera phone. I thought it was mildly amusing but distracting. (I was ignoring him so he might as well have been talking to a brick wall. Still, I saw the cell phone he was holding up. Seeing stuff is a skill that every walk-and-reader has to have to avoid walking into something.) I would have continued ignoring it, but I didn’t like the idea of people thinking I was stupid, so I held up my bookmark (that has chinese writing on it) against the camera. “Oh, you want the chinese writing in the picture too? [bla bla bla, gets off the bus]”

Makes life interesting for me, anyhow.