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okay, this is getting annoying..
people keep telling me “there’s something on your nose, brush it off” yeah, it’s called skin and my nose is in major pain so please **** off.
i got called emo again (grr).
then name-caller’s little friend nick (who has a very twisted mind) likened me to sasuke (me: wt*?) and chelsea to sakura (me: you have just officially CROSSED THE **** LINE!! *chagrin*) (chelsea: nah, she doesn’t have the dorky cockatiel hair) (me: *witheredly* cockatiel? further abuse!).  someone besides me oughta tell nick to can it. or himself, whichever works.
then their little buddy charlie was complaining about getting prejudiced even by azn grls, so i threw a couple of hits to show my annoyance.  then he complained he couldn’t hit back.  that is so old school.  whoever invented the don’thitgirls rule is probably six feet under.  get used to it.
and gattaca is the freakiest movie ever.

oh yea, bout the nose… i was helping my dad move this bedframe thingy into the hall, and it got stuck. i had to crawl through the thing to help move stuff outa the way, but they finished without me.  i got out, but not all the way (didn’t know that) and stood up really fast (enough to… uh, read on) and scraped off bits of my forehead and the bridge of my nose, and the outer edge of my left eye feels a bit bruised, too.  so that’s why i had an sensitive nose and forehead, with a bit of skin dangling from my nose.

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  1. 2007/03/28 20:24

    Whaaat. Comparing people to anime characters is something even I don’t do. XD Unless its a running joke about a shared character quirk or something.
    Scraping face= not fun sounding.

  2. 2007/03/30 02:19

    sasuke? sakura? wtf? You have an…interesting? life…lol

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