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ow… ^_^ David’s really fast, considering he only got to yellow.  my dad told me i know nothing about getting serious… he wasn’t even serious, and he hit 2 of my “vital” points hard enough that, a half hour later, it still aches, and got at least 3 other vital points… i’m like “dude, next time, you teach me, then we spar!”  but i’m really happy now… it’s inexplicable. (is that the right word?), but i’ve never felt so “kai xin” in a few years.
okay, for people who don’t get it… david and i were fighting in my backyard, him trying not to be serious, me trying (sad isn’t it?)… and it was really really scary.  it took me a long time to be able to get in any shots at all, and he hardly felt a thing… T-T but it’s okay.  my dad says he’s free to “play” with me anytime he comes over now.
also, no one’s ever been able to listen to how i just want to learn how to fight, but there’s nothing to teach me… how dissatisfied i am with tkd… how i hate being stuck like this…
then he (after some begging) let me have a free shot… he was whimpering because he doesn’t like not being allowed to defend himself… hehe =3
but, now i feel like i haven’t ever really known what it’s like to have a friend.  i don’t have to listen to things that don’t mean anything to me at all.
priscilla wanted to join in, but phoebe called us in.

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