(subj: orchestra concert)

What a night. 😑

Well, rehearsal was okay but quite cramped. But I screwed up a ton during the performance… (at the Mondavi? uggghhh T-T)

While we had dinner break, Chelsea had me listen to Naruto’s voice actress singing “get this cat off my head”? And I totally spazzed because suddenly I heard an annoyed voice right behind my left shoulder. There was no one there. Turns out the recording made it sound like Sasuke saying “complete idiot” (?) right next to one’s left ear. Heaven help me—|o_oE *dead*
Meanwhile, Jennifer, Lystra, and Catherine (not Katherine) took turns feeding me 😊.
Jennifer: “sushi”, cookies, plum.
Lystra: pizza.
Catherine: cookie.
Man, I was like “holy- where do I PUT all this?” and Chelsea gave me a napkin.

Before we got on stage, I was in line with Chelsea, and these two Emerson idiots (no offense, Jennifer), a guy with long blond hair whom I disdain and another guy who looks weird started bugging us. The second one tried to go around and behind us. I had no idea what the hell he thought he was doing, but I wasn’t gonna let him get away with it. I was holding my bow against my arm, so I pointed my elbow at him (so that I’m close to ramming the bow tip into his trachea). The kid said, “whoa are you a geisha or something?”
me: *feeling both like |o_oE and 😑💢* ???
Chelsea: “she’s not japanese”
then a bunch of perpetual asking what the hell do I speak. Then they turned to the two asian Harper guys (Kevin Ng and the one that patted my head 😑) to translate into Mandarin for them to say what they wanted to say. I had no idea what the hell they said at first, then they tried to call Chelsea fat, then they called me “heilin” or something like that (me: ?). The pat-me-on-the-head guy said something but i di’n’t hear ‘im. Meanwhile, Chelsea is saying random japanese stuff.
me: ???
everyone else: bla bla bla bl…
Me: *utterly disoriented* grr.
Chelsea: *to them* do you even know what that means?
Cycle returns. ||o”o||

And then when we were putting our stuff away, I tried to call my dad because he wants to know when we’re done playing. Then I got a near heart attack (for the second time today) because pat-me-on-the-head is saying, “ooh chocolate” (that’s my phone) in a scary voice.

The group after us wasn’t particularly stunning, but the most memorable ones were the Natomas Nighthawks, Elaine Fitz Gibbon, and Ariana Fong and her accompanist (even though she messed up, she’s so amazing). The Nighthawks were the COOLEST, Elaine was really really really good (haven’t heard her playing in ages), and Fong was impressive, even if her “trip-up” was a bit graceless… She’d had it memorized, but when she stumbled, she looked at her accompanist and sort of laughed (*buzzer* noo).

I feel as old as 30 nowadays. I’m starting to get into the ecclesiastical mindset… “What’s the point in everyday life?” “Why do people keep on living?” “Why do good yet atheist people do good if they know they will die?”

(subj: pe badminton)

Complaint about my badminton partner:

I got stuck with this, what, taiwanese? ABC? some guy named Chris Chiang who’s an insufferable cross between trying to help and rubbing stuff in my face. or maybe it’s just me and how I never see good in a person without seeing bad. But he steals all the birdies (except for one game where he decided to let me play FOR ONCE). There was even an opponent who told him to let me have a birdie but nooo… so every time I run into the kid, I glare at him and tell him to get out of my way.