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i got fifth chair- i guess it’s kind of pathetic, but on the other hand, Yang’s practically crying to trade seats with me, and I want to see how long it takes for Issra to get really harrassed.  I feel like I’m in a minor version of Anne of Cleves’s position- dethroned, yes, but I don’t have to handle anything.  I don’t matter anymore, therefore I don’t have to care anymore, right?
and I finished my math hw in class i’m so proud of myself.
when it comes to talking about japanese, sarafu’s pretty funnny.  she says “one time my dad was looking at something cute and he said aloud kowaidesune, which means it’s so scary but he meant kawaidesune which is practically the opposite” or something to that effect.. bleh i’m no japanese expert… if i try taking it, my dad will probably disown me, and possibly my mom… when my sis is old enough to understand, she probably will too… i wonder what the dog would do.

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  1. 2007/02/05 23:29

    hah. i learned japanese by watching anime.

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