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on the way to the bus stop i figured out how to run in this trippy, constricting skirt.  i have to go at a certain rate, though… any slower, and i fall like that.
then i got 9:04 for the perimeter in PE.  wow.  i’m in shock.  i think i must have remembered it wrong.  there’s no way… last week, it was 10:47.  give me a break, that would be losing almost 2 whole minutes… it can’t be true.
i found out the name of the 2nd song that came up on the radio when my mom set the alarm  and it went off yesterday morning.  “in the end”.  i don’t remember anything about the first one except what the person was singing about… the usual cheesy stuff.
i still don’t get why she set the alarm… it gave me a heart attack when i woke up, practically.
man… my dad has a new system, violin practice at 9, right? but i have to practice an hour or else i feel really bad, because i think if you leave mistakes uncorrected, the later it’s corrected, the worse it gets, right? so i just keep plodding on until about 10:05 (i had a couple super short breaks to take a bite out of my “fish steak”)… and now i’m up at 2:30, half doing hw, half reading RD, and half (thinking overlaps the other halves) wondering *ahem* how the hell yurika draws so well and if i have any hope of getting to that level (i have this inferiority complex… if someone’s better than me, i give myself a hard time but never do anything about it).
that’s kinda sad… alex said i was the only person to send him a card for his b-day… but he sounds like he has a billion friends.  they’re mean.

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  1. 2007/02/01 01:56

    haha yup. kyle scares me too.. he keeps on talking to meee and im SCARED. he proposed to me once. >_>; i as like hoookaayyy umm yeah no im too young. yea yea ok moving on. ^^;;; yeeeah. did you test for blue belt?

  2. 2007/02/01 07:23

    let’s see how late it is.

  3. 2007/02/01 07:24

    my, my look at the time.

  4. 2007/02/01 19:13

    holy crap what were you doing at 4:30 in the morning. o_Oyeah kyle obviously has some mental problems.. so you’re gonna be a blue belt now huh?i like the belt, its pretty.. but the form omg the form is retarded i can never remember it. >_< good luck with that. :]]

  5. 2007/02/01 19:13

    Those words are synonymous considering me and anime. ha.

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