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MySpace Survey ’06
BaSiC InFo
Name: you should know it.
Birthdate: i don’t like to celebrate my birthday
Birthplace: nowhere special
Current Location: same as always
Eye Color: heh heh… in-out: orange, goldish yellow, grEy (kelly’s is grAy on the outside)
Hair Color: brown-ish
Height: don’t know.
Weight: don’t care
What’s Your….
Zodiac Sign: monkey:water/virgo
Ethnicity: chinese, i think (we’re still wondering why half the girls got brown hair, including me)
Body Type: joanne said something about that but i forgot.
Favorite Food: no particulars, really
Favorite Drink: anything but undiluted soda, don’t care what the brand is, i can’t stand it without at least something else mixed in.
Baseball Team: ???
(when) Bedtime: depends… i accidentally went some 48+ hrs w/out sleep once
Favorite Color(s): green- not neon, not bright.
Favorite Letter: who gives a ****?
Favorite Number: 3, 144?
Candy: gummy things, like that ring-ish shaped strawberry thing at winco
Favorite Animal: used to be horse, now i don’t really care.
Favorite Messenger: ???
Screename: multiple ones… don’t ask.
Favorite Store: ???
Most Missed Memory: where i left anything that’s currently lost.
Best Physical Feature: my hands… i think some nerves are dead, so i take hits with them… looks painful… it ain’t.
Overused Phrase: like,….
First Thought Waking Up: SLEEP
Goal for this year: be a good girl o=]
Weakness: very insensitive, prone to anger.
Fears: i’m a bit homophobic. but i try not to be offensive. and i hate killing spiders, don’t ask why.
Heritage: ???
Longest Relationship: ???
School’s Name: should know that.
Favorite TV Show: none. or ????
Have You Ever….
Drank: no
Smoked: no
Dyed Your Hair: no
Shoplifted: no
Tried To Do The Splits: yes
Tried To Do A Backbend: yes
Tried To Do A Cartwheel: yes
Tried To Do A Handstand: yes
Tried To Act Perfect: not really
Get A Detention Of Any Kind From Not Doin Anything: not really
Skinny Dipped: no
Had Sex: NO
Kissed/Huged An Opposite Sex: NO
Kissed/Huged The Same Sex As You: hugged? well, it was the last day of school and they were all moving…
Been Dumped: no
Done Drugs: no
Had A Boyfriend/Girlfriend: no
Ate Sushi: i think so
Loved Someone: not really
In A Guy/Gurl….
Fav Eye Color: ???
Fav Hair Color: ???
Short or Long Hair: ???
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Looks Or Personality: ???
Love or Money: ???
Hot Or Cute: ???
Drugs and/or Alcohol: ???
Muscular or Really Skinny: ???
Sexy or Shmexy—-> lmao!: ???
Random…: ???
How Do You Want To Die?: me? i don’t care.
What country do you want to Visit: korea, china. i’m starting to get scared of taiwan.
Been to the Mall Lately: ???
Do you like Thunderstorms: yes. heck yes.
Shower Daily: well, not really =D
Do you Sing: sometimes, but not loud.
Want to go to College: definitely
Clothes: huge huge t-shirt, jeans. i’m home, so skirt rule is na
Shoes: crocs XP
Make-Up: none XP
Hair Do: i didn’t tie it like i usually do, but i usually have it tied like… uhm certain anime charcs.
Phone: don’t need to know that
Phone Number: ditto
Location: ditto
Weather: sunnyish
Website(s): don’t need to know that either.
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well, the book i’m reading is actually the 25th anniversary edition- it’s orange.

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  1. 2007/01/28 16:44

    boring!!! :O

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