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i just realized the title for the layout doesn’t make sense… it’s starlit moon, not the other way around, right? because the moon can only reflect light.
in PE today, it was sort of awkward… one of the partners i got is insanely fast, and i have no idea what the hell i am doing when it’s his turn, because at first it was consecutive turns (not waiting out a count, just keep spinning and spinning and i was starting to get dizzy with annoyance) and then he said “okay, from now on just follow me.” i said, “what??” and then next thing i know i have two choices… figure out whatever he is doing and match it almost instantaneously, or else cause a disaster scene. varsha came after me so i said “did you get [omit name]? isn’t he kind of scary to dance with” and she said “yeah [i danced with him], but i thought it was pretty fun.” there’s me for you, and there’s varsha for you.. i see it as life-threatening, she sees it as fun. -_- even though i’m sort of friends with the kid, i am soo hoping i don’t get into the same line as that one again…

kill dance kill dance…. or just play danse macabre for orchestra… and/or, actually…

varsha made me lend my pencil (my favoritest, bestest, nicest, awesomest… T-T) to issra… i realized i didn’t have it anymore at some point, so i asked her if she returned it (‘though i’m pretty sure she didn’t) and lo and behold, “i gave it back already… do you need a spare pencil?”… so assumably either she stole it, or she left it in mr. williams’s room… and if she did, i hate to think what’ll happen to it… if someone else steals it, i’ll wish i could have tracked them down and.. erm… taken it back? [devil: kill kill kill] [angel: it’s not like you’d really be able to] [devil: ohh yes you could +flashback on screen+] [me: *screech* don’t remind me don’t remind me don’t remind me…] this short satire… -_-… it’s supposed to sound funny, but if you’re me, well… it really isn’t funny at all.

one stress release today!!!… i’ve been fuming about how a certain 2nd violinist got better than me, then switched sections… so i interrogated, ranted at, and stabbed it [a few times]… and then i felt better. i still wonder if there’s a teacher that would really really help me improve… but then again, it could be just that i don’t really have time to practice because i go on too many tangents..
i tried not to today, but my dad ruined it… it was such a nice start, decent plan, good willpower, and everything… but then… and now… oh, it’s hopeless!! T-T

what is with all these adults writing stuff that’s practically rated R?? it’s so freaking annoying… and catherine howard (i was reading boleyn inheritance) is a freaking whore. there i said it… and she’s super shallow… and she always always is written [in the book] as starting with “let’s see, now what do i have…” selfish, rotten bitch.
and lady jane’s hardly better. honestly, the things she implies about her late husband and her late sister-in-law (anne boleyn, of course) is just plain wrong. and from what she says, anne boleyn was really… vicious? cruel? inexorable? just… to me, very very annoying (like she’s the one everyone fawns on because she’s just so perfect… no wonder she got her head chopped off)
of course, anne of cleves is my favorite character. honest, loyal, sensible, modest (very extreme at first, actually ^-^, she looked like a regular nun, only more so), yet firm in what she believes is right. does her best, makes the best out of things, and in the end, she has the support of all england, because she was a people’s queen, not a politician. and she was nice to Mary (and mary was quite alone, no wonder she killed so many, she didn’t get to know them anyway) and took care of Elizabeth and Edward, whether stepmother or stepaunt. and she’s always always been a virgin, at least in the story.

‘cuse m’ french 0=]

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  1. 2007/01/17 10:22

    Hah everything in Chinese? well good luck with that that’s gonna be a little hard. Sadly yes i still look the same but i do not complain i think i am happy the way i am right now and what about you? you also probably look the same so you should be shuddering i should be =P

  2. 2007/01/18 00:45

    oh,i wanted to read boleyn inheritance, kinda. its hard finding good books. x(

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