(subj: pe dance, lost the pencil jessica gifted me)

In PE today, one of the dance partners I got is insanely fast, and I have no idea what the hell I am doing when it’s his turn, because at first it was consecutive turns (not waiting out a count, just keep spinning and spinning and I was starting to get dizzy) and then he said, “OK, from now on just follow me.” I said, “what??” and then next thing I know, I have to either figure out whatever he is doing and match it almost instantaneously, or else cause a disaster scene.

Varsha came after me so I said, “Did you get [omit name]? Isn’t he kind of scary to dance with?” and she said, “yeah, but I thought it was pretty fun.”

Varsha made me lend my pencil (my favoritest, bestest, nicest, awesomest… T-T) to Issra… I realized I didn’t have it any more at some point, so I asked her if she returned it (‘though I’m pretty sure she didn’t) and lo and behold, “I gave it back already… Do you need a spare pencil?”… so presumably either she stole it, or she left it in Mr. Williams’s room… and if she did, I hate to think what’ll happen to it… if someone else steals it, I’d wish I could have tracked them down and… um… taken it back?

One thought on “(subj: pe dance, lost the pencil jessica gifted me)

  1. (Note: I assumed the worst of Issra because she was openly mean to me during 4th grade, and during 5th grade, she would whisper to other girls while glancing at me. I asked a couple girls at the time and they said she’d been spreading ideas about me having a mental disability.)

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