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even my mom doesn’t support me “as long as you don’t get a C!!!”  T_T  i asked sam to knock me out and say it was an accident, but it didn’t happen…. 
first i had to partner with this kid… kabir says his name is “sam wheeler”?…  greasy black hair, definitely creepy.  and then thatthatthat KID who was in my PE class last year was next in line >_< and then the 2 weird white guys (i think the first one’s paul… hebert?) that make me really nervous because i can’t tell when they’re trying to get me to turn -_- because… how can i put this… they make it really obvious that they like to dance.  then it was sam, and we had to learn this one and a half twist or whatever, and one person has to duck under the other’s arm… i never did figure it out (not like i feel like learning it), and it’s awfully awkward because sam is the tallest person i can think of.  then… oh, oscar whatshisface was laughing at me and said “you’re supposed to be having fun” -_-+++.  and then it was that creepy guy that seems a bit slow… thomas burns?  (i read the “5 ft of friends” and i like to listen to roll call on the first few days of school, so i always know more names than people).  and then it was the same crew all over again… i am SO glad the weekend’s here.

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  1. 2007/01/13 02:13

    haha dancinnnggglol who do you think the other guy is? judging from the pics…

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