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since we’re not going to church anytime soon, and i’m the only one who goes to any meeting, my dad held a family meeting to day.  he put so much pressure on me to share something (sort of like a suggestion for improvement box crossed with a dear abby column), i cried.  for real.  for the first time in… at least 2 years, i’d say.  i didn’t cry hard until i started, and then while i was saying it i was practically choking because i was thinking “what the **** am i crying for?  it’s not like i felt particularly strongly about that.”  but i think it was sort of like, i was under more stress then i could handle, and then i took the closest exit out, so it collapsed and went berserk…. or is that what you call a mood swing?  if it is, mood swings suck.

i lost my cell, like sometime between thurs and fri afternoon, before last.
last night, my mom let me look for it while she snuck off, told my dad, and said, hey, since two years are over, why don’t we all just get new ones!!!  i found them at the computer staring at cell phones, and my mom was at “razr”.  she said “ooh aren’t they really popular or something” so i said, “i dunno but i think priscilla said they’re not great.  then again, she might be saying in comparison to her other one.”  today my mom was going to order 3 LG chocolate whatchmacallits… she was going to get “dark” aka black for dad (he insisted), “white” for her, and that left me “cherry”, because they’re out of “mint”… but then she found that for some reason she couldn’t order them.
i don’t care for a new one, though, i liked that one that i lost.  and it HAS to be home, according to the time i lost it (i used my mom’s cell phone for reference.  between the time i last called her to the last time i borrowed it to try to call phillis, because we were going to priscilla’s house, and i got a gift ready, and my mom remembered that phillis’s cousin was there and said i should get her a gift, too and i didn’t know what on earth she’d like)

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  1. 2007/01/08 22:43

    mmm…i’m on the 4th movement, actually…and what do you mean by “weird”?

  2. 2007/01/09 21:23

    Yeah, There is a remote possiblity of cannibalism. It said that they may eat their babies if they are deformed, if they have a wierd scent on them (so we can’t touch them yet), if she’s a first time mom, or if  she gets startles suddenly. Yeah. She’s in a room that’s dark and not many people go in there often. 🙂

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