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priscilla went on my myspace and, well, let’s just say all the comments and etc. made yesterday are by priscilla.  and all of them are priscilla-style.  but not all of them start with “this is priscilla”.  we’re total opposites, so it kinda potentially wrecks my reputation…. more like obliterate.  oh.. that must have been the word i was looking for.
and my dad’s giving my lectures on social skills/communication by the bucketful…
today, he said, “aren’t those girls waving at you? *and why aren’t you waving back, you stupid jerk?!*”
to cut him off, i said, “they’re waving at the dog.  *whoever said i should be nice to them, anyway?  it’s just a couple of airheads, after all.*”

LOL my mom forwarded pictures of my other cousins to me.  they’re so weird XD.  and the pictures are pretty bad.  i didn’t see the bgs until they were printed out… then… “whoa, since when do they go camping??”. it’s not like i really know them, so yyeah.

i like wwii movies.  you get to see every stupid thing someone else did.  wonder what if, instead.
like hitler forgetting the airfields in outrage about the bombing of berlin… bad bad bad mistake… and so, england recuperated.  if that one bomber didn’t get lost, london wouldn’t have been bombed.  if london wasn’t bombed, berlin wouldn’t have been bombed.  if berlin hadn’t been bombed, the english airfields would have still been under attack.  and then they wouldn’t have been able to hold out quite as long as however long they did.  and then the nazis could have won…
i think too much?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    2006/12/31 12:11

    wha u have a myspace?

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