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went to the students’ iceskating party @ vacaville with haemin.  it’s fun to skate, but vacaville center is kind of corny.  we didn’t participate in any of the games… haemin tried to learn a combination of skating backwards and spinning on her own (she wants to take classes now), so i just spent pretty much the whole time wondering whether or not i would ever get used to the rental skates… i hate them because you never know how they’ll go on the ice.  with my own, i know mind are sharper and don’t slip, but wearing rentals afterward (i forgot mine at home, but it was still free, you know) was just a nightmare.  i couldn’t do anything in them… they’re dull (slippery), stiff, tall, and uncomfortable, and i hate hate hate them.  i don’t plan on forgetting my own skates again anytime soon.

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