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how do teachers assign everything as due on the same day without corresponding i don’t know.
sometimes… i think… if i mispronounced ms. fitch…… but i just say it to chelsea and she does the talking for me.
i need a jacket.  they need to make hoodies for girls with huge hoods.  i hate the super small ones that can’t go halfway over my head.  and it makes heads look like deformed heads, not heads with hoods on.  raincoats make for square-headed people.  i hate it.  i hate the weather.  i hate getting dehydrated due to change of weather and humidity.  i hate having inconvenient hair that gets in my way no matter how long it gets…  i would cut it all off, maybe short again (su bi rong said i looked like a boy in that picture, though) if i didn’t have to be decent… lesbians have short hair, and i just don’t want to be grouped there, either.  i hate this whole decency thing.  i would just love it if no one else lived within ten miles of me.  i guess my parents can stay, but my sister is bad.  i guess some teachers can stay… but definitely not all the students…. maybe some……. i always feel like i don’t know what i want and i can’t do what i want.  i can’t scream, “yaaaaaaaahhh!!” and climb on roofs and play with my sticks and read all my nice books and have a low metabolism (i wish i wasn’t thin, especially since mr demarco said “you’re thin you should be good at running”.  i prefer to be a medium, but-tall-enough-to-tower-over-cowering-enemies person… thin people are trippy, right?)

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  1. 2006/12/02 22:57

    lol only in america…

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