katherine’s birthday party

Pursuit of Happyness (odd spelling, huh?) was an interesting movie. They don’t show much of the daycare place, but every time there was a view of the window, I was thinking, “poor kid, he’s the only one who doesn’t speak Chinese” and I thought it was really obvious that he was always off towards the back. ouch.

Chipotle was pretty good. although it was kinda hard to finish. I got a salad thing. It was really spicy… I was thinking, “umm isn’t this a salad?” and then it was soo much… I got black bean-thingys, steak thingys, the salsa-thingy that looked vaguely normal, and cheese. I can’t even believe I remember what i got.

i switched layouts because i want to be able to check past entries without wasting too much time. -_-. *ill-tempered slob* oh well.  i like this picture.
don’t you hate it when people say, “can i take a message?”  i do, anyhow, because it seems like i never get replies, except from katherine, occasionally.
my grandma made lemonade with too many lemons, so she countered it with too much honey, so now i’m choking… honey makes me cough, and i think i’m allergic to citrus
every time i have seem, anything from a sweet orange to bitter grapefruit, my face heats up and all of a sudden i’m cringing and and my face is sweating… okayy i guess you did not need to hear that? but it is annoying.
every time i practice my violin i feel like an idiot.  every time i have a violin lesson i feel like a major idiot… you think maybe something’s wrong with me?
i think i have mental issues.  to be happy, i like to be told “good job” and etc. by people i respect.  but at the same time, i feel like i’m under pressure to improve improve improve, and i don’t even get why.  my parents don’t care too much until they notice the time (“*tsks* does everyone in your class sleep this late?”).  i guess i could take it as “are you abnormal/slower than average?”, and that’s really depressing.  i’m at a point where, never mind my parents, i get mad for being/feeling stupid… and that just makes me feel dumber