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what [could make/makes] humans (especially US-ians) the dumbest things ever?

honestly, these 4th graders who had their stuff posted on the web somewhere can’t tell the difference between there their and they’re…. i learned that in 2nd grade, myself…
and my mom told me how when carol and her brother came over for school, they found everything super easy…
and same goes for sung jin, too, for that matter.

and to heck with the controversies, we know when something’s not right, but we do this feeling helpless to take action thing, or assume that we can make others take action, and that’s enough.
enough with campaigning, we know it’s wrong… stop telling us what we can do. tell us to do it.

and why does everyone bother arguing over opinions when you should solve the obvious first?
like, really, who cares about democrats vs. republicans if you know what’s right and what’s wrong? which of these would they disagree on:
Is it right to steal?
Do you like high gas prices?
Do you watch t.v. for the commercials?
Is cancer fun?
Is inviting a criminal into your neighborhood at the top of your to-do list?
Is it fun to be in a car crash?
Is it normal to hate your parent(s)?
Do you like having computer viruses and etc.?
Do you like getting yelled at for not being up-to-standard?
Do you say “i’m a well-rounded idiot and i’m proud of it”?
Is it right to kill for no reason?
Is it wrong to be angry when you’ve been wronged?
Is it wrong to choose your friends for who they are?
Is it wrong to shun those who shun you?
Is it healthy to be anorexic?

and one question, out of the blue…
do you think can you hide who you really are from EVERYONE?

oh yeah, onne thing yurika reminded me.
the fourth graders’ TEACHERS posted their work..
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  1. 2006/11/27 02:17

    lol. edited her locker. 😀 and yeah kiyoshi’s like.. my bestestestestestest buddie ever? you’ll see him if you go to tkd this friday. :Dbtw nice new layout. but yeah 4th grader’s shouldn’t even have weblogs and stuff.. wannabeeees. anorexia is DEF. not healthy. you could dieee. duh.

  2. 2006/11/27 20:41

    good questions.
    There’s a quote, “desperate actions come from desperate times” or something like that. Only when something really big happens do we act. Things like anorexia, crime… they’re more normal in society now, and though we recognize its wrong, we’re too lazy to do anything about it! Or at least, if we do, it’s too little of an impact. That’s why people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi are cool, because they inspired whole countries to change. I think the US is too rich and spoiled now.
    Yeah, instead of telling us what we can do, telling us to DO IT may or may not have a better affect. Like saving resources… but then who knows, the American people would probably throw a hissy fit and go “You can’t do it! It’s our choice, you’re violating our civil liberties!” In fact, I could bet a million dollars that’s what they would do. Human society in general is way too complicated (too much economical influence, in my opinion) to make change.

  3. 2006/11/27 23:48

    ohhh. gotcha

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