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this book must be setting the record long intro. -_-… i don’t get it, it’s just making me more confused.  also i’m reading “will in the world” which my mom should NOT have bought for me… now i dislike shakespeare, cuz he sounds really perverted in the book.

last night, priscilla and them came over to meet the dog… mocca is just a bit nervous and a bit small… if not for that they probably would have been getting along really well.

priscilla wanted to watch the tkd class (she’s a karate black belt) with mocca so she did.  then she wanted to watch the demo team and informed me that at her “school”, the yellow belt people could do all that… it was a little bit depressing… she told me about all the fun they have at her classes… when the instructor feels trusting, they get to toss each other over their shoulders… the catch is, they have to make sure no one slams into the ground and break something by holding onto the flying people who are going wheeeeeaaahhh.  and the notsofun parts are the 260 pushups….. but it sounds really cool, you know?

now i’m at their house for the day

it’s scary… think of priscilla pulling through a hectic workout with a bad knee, and try to picture the same person watching pokemon the first movie and squealing every time mew does anything…. and givning my little sister all the lipgloss she wants (5 layers) and painting her nails and yelling at me for not knowing how to tie my hair in a high ponytail… yeesh.

anyway, this morning, priscilla started the car cuz aunt phoebe couldn’t figure out how to, then we dropped off marcello and priscilla at huntington whateveritis, then she (phoebe) let me hang out with esther and david.

david is so freaking tall…esther, DRINK SOME MILK!! and he got a crew cut and he his voice broke AGAIN so he seems all mature, even though he’s the “dao dan gui” of the family… AAHH THE TALLEST ONE SHOULD NOT NOT NOT BE THE “DAO DAN GUI”!!!!

anyway, aunt phoebe asked about “boba” (i hate that spelling) flavors or something like that cuz we were going to “long sandwich express”.  i like the shop it’s painted light-ish green on one wall, light (but not pastel) orange on another, and another wall is yellow.  the whole place looks so clean! -kyaa… anyway, david recomended strawberry with lychee jelly but i thought it was too classic and i didn’t want to just take other people’s advice, so i picked watermelon, but they were out of lychee jelly so i got mango.  my sister got the same (for free) cuz they were like “oh, it’s a small cup” but it’s freaking larger than MINE. -_- but she didn’t like it anyway…. -_- aunt phoebe agrees with me.  hannah is a mini-cilla.  if it’s not “can i have some more bubblegum? yay!” it’s “can i have more lipgloss?” or “can you put this on my eyes?” and it’s not hard to get her to do a “perfect smile” but it just BUGS me.

when priscilla got back, she tried to teach me to tie my hair in a ponytail, and as i said before, i don’t even know how to tie one, so yeah…. think, “no no no you’re doing it wrong” -_- it doesn’t matter…

the brat is dancing with mocca, looking like an idiot, wearing a plastic gold crown/tiara thingummy.  she is giggling and i feel like strangling her.

i hate dramatic… people and/or things.  i hate it when chelsea is doing her “oh look at me i’m so random” act, i hate it when people use overly formal language, and i hate hate hate overly enthusiastic people..

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  1. 2006/11/23 15:10

    i never learned how to make a high ponytail either. i never realized it either until someone remarked on it in like, 8th grade?
    How is the book? I want to read Dante’s Inferno. All I know is that its about Hell but it’s famous so I want to read it.

  2. 2006/11/23 16:56

    in one aspect, we have a lot in common. lol

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