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wow… lotta updating..
k friday before last was the “kill-WEB-leaders-for-candy” day, and about 10 hid in the same classroom. the seventh graders proceeded to attempt break-in (while the teacher escaped and hid in the office) so i went up, feeling up for a little thrill ride, and yelled my head off at them, and struck a couple kids (although, being weak little kids who need 50 kids to match 10 WEB leaders, i didn’t hit them very hard).  some uber-tall stupid looking guy said “you don’t want to stop me going in.” so i said “you want to try?”
it was also sparring day and i went.  and then spent the rest of the weekend having strange dreams about sparring.
on saturday we had a new recital teacher and a sub for ice-skating class, and the sub came up with some interesting stuff to help us figure out how to do swizzles… i was the fastest going backwards, but i still can’t skate very well.
i also went to roseville to see if i could get fitted for some of my own skates, but they didn’t have anything in my size.
then on tuesday, halloween was bland. we had the whole costco set but no one came because my dad didn’t want to make like we were celebrating pagan holidays… what a waste of my housewarmer candle… oh well.
on wednesday, field trip. moscow symphony was pretty awesome, although i had to sit next to kevin ng (the little punk slash horror slash ex-hater) and his friend, some weird kid who patted me on the head on the way out at intermission.  i WOULD have shoved him, but we WERE on the topmost balcony, you see… no merits in first degree murder!!
yesterday, i went ice-skating, then to fitting… the same dude from “skatetown” (the roseville place) did this major explanation and stuff. he’s pretty cool, although he made me walk all around the store in some skates that were supposed to be the closest thing to my size, and skates are very… numbing/tight/painful (i know it doesn’t mix).  apparently, when you get your own skates, you put them in the skate oven, then put them on for 15 minutes so that they stretch to fit. then the roseville people do blade sharpening for free (if you’re buying the skate they’re sharpening) which is pretty cool.
and sonya asked me a bunch of questions starting with “do you know ryan shickman” “do you like him” which led to “r u SURE they’re a couple” (meaning charlotte and caleb) man i was hoping to drill HER on dccc yg, but the tables were turned… then for the rest of the time i was next to her she was freaking out about “overly nice to overly ugly” and i kept saying “calm down sonya it’s someone else’s social life… forget about it, please, don’t talk about it or anything” every time she started on it.
semi-eventful, huh?

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