(subj: ice skating)

So yesterday was my second ice-skating lesson… It’s not too bad, but it was my first time doing a “Practice Session”… and I was SO lost. They had us do stuff that I was in no way clued in about. I was thinking umm am I in the wrong place? I hate it when that happens, because it makes me feel all stiff and I can’t do anything, because I’m bothered about how stupid this feels.

Apparently, my dad wants me to learn balance.

I don’t think I know anyone, either (or is that a good thing?) except maybe this girl who looks familiar. 😕


(subj: youth meeting)

We joke a lot at YP. Paul’s constantly making faces, Preston’s laugh is now officially dubbed, “machine-gun”, and we’ve compared Jesus to jelly donuts, smoothies, cereal, tea, and etc. (Picture this… Miranda declaring, “We learned that Jesus is not a jelly donut!!” without context.)

Today we were a bit crowded, so it became easier to zone out.

Anyway, when we were leaving, I heard a “hey”, then found… I’ll put it this way—my personal space was intruded. I was registering that Miranda had somehow pushed Kevin, but too late… 😆 I elbowed him.

me: “Oops. Uh, sorry?”
Kevin: “It’s OK, I’ll just get used to living with only one lung… just kidding. It wasn’t that bad.”

Sometimes I think he talks more than I do.

(subj: ripped jeans)

my dad: *stares at my knees, where my jeans got ripped from the ATV incident* “I know we’re poor, BUT…” *pointed stare*
me: “well, uh,”
my mom: “actually, it’s kind of the fashion”
me: *walks off to do homework, shaking head* “lost cause”

The section leader is either me or Nardis (?) from Emerson… At least I’m the Holmes section leader. EAT THAT, EDDIE!!!
Sorry, had to do that.

My parents don’t think it’s really efficient for me to use a typewriter, but it’s easier to use on Mrs. Russell’s worksheet (it was handwritten). That way, I can make sure it doesn’t wander all over the place. My dad was laughing at me:
“I’m watching this movie and the lieutenant is using a typewriter… the year is 1944
Gee, dad, thanks for rubbing it in.

Oh, and puppy got her shots.

(subj: leg cramps)

My mom says I had leg cramps last night. It must be true, because my left calf felt really stiff and sore when I got up, and I had a vague memory of waking up twice because it hurt like hell. It’s still stiff, so I guess it’s more serious than before? It’s either the second and third, or third and fourth times I’ve woken up everyone yelling my head off.

(subj: politics)

You guys ever wonder why we have such an odd government? I mean, no one can trust the politicians, especially around voting time, everyone always scans the propositions for loopholes, and there’s scandal and corruption everywhere, it does seem. I mean, if we’re so into this voting thing, we should agree to “may the best man win” and just accept whoever’s voted in WITHOUT constantly trying to tear the person’s rep apart. As the next generation, I don’t think that we should allow all this to continue.

People say California has some sort of debt problem, right? So, how about, instead of just saying that they know what they’re going to do, actually come up with a plan, tell us, and carry it out?

And the whole immigration thing. We need a new system, so that we don’t have to worry about their being illegal.

I just feel annoyed that we have this stupid system that seems rather complicated and I don’t think it should be… quite…

As long as I don’t become some stupid politician. 😑