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school people.
varsha~ incredibly annoying when she wants to write it her way.. -_-… maybe we shouldn’t have done it together after all… no offense, but it kinda ticks me off. and when you say spanish and stuff… it’s like my mom… always trying to ask me “what’s this? what does this me?” and she tryin to say “door”.. it sounds like “test”. and varsha and katherine seem to go deaf whenever the teachers mention that h is silent… sometimes i wonder how she’d do on homework without me.. ??? and it always bugs me when my own friends check their hair in the PE locker rooms… i almost want to disown them.
katherine~ don’t have much to say about her… she’s being very independent.
haemin~ i don’t think i even know who she is anymore. first shoes, then earrings, then the whole haircut… it all reflects how she’s chasnging inwardly.. not to my “benefit”.
angela~ as amazing as this is, i’m being proper friends with angela now… i used to just kind of think of her as joanne’s friend.
joanne~ she’s funny… her first question “are you using that lip balm i gave you?” it’s like, “yes, MOTHER”
kelly w.~ she’s funny and nice and contrary to what saraf thinks, she does NOT have a british accent… she does have an accent, just not that one. of course, saraf never thinks she’s wrong.
saraf~ still the know-it-all… more unbearable, she’s in my PE class this year. honestly, i do not want to be on her team, i want to be on kelly and/or angela (who will be switched with varsha next semester)’s team. she stinks at golf… and she has no sense of good sportsmanship, hating decent competition.. her ambition is soo to be the unequal-able smartest girl in the world. her next-best choice is for bangoli americans to be known as the smartest.
neda~ neda is quiet and nice. she’s even conservative when she argues, no matter how mad she is, she can’t take it out in the physical world, and she doesn’t quite do the verbal sting. she smiles even while she says she is extremely angry and not to be bothered.
grace~ is also quiet and nice. she doesn’t get mad easily, except to tease.
sehee~ is a less extreme version of haemin, but she hangs out with me, anyway! so there!
xia~ going to santa clara… i don’t really like how obssessed she is about who likes who… i say “stop it it xia” she says “what did i do” i say “you’re being so obssessed with the whole guy-girl thing” she says “who me?”
chido~ she’s the most moderate character. trust me, my lunch group needs at least one member like her… to keep us settled.
chelsea~ i wish she’d just leave… she’s such a DRAMA QUEEN. she lives to be random, but it’s so obvious her whole life is an act. “oh yeah, i’m so random”. yeah, she’s so random, that it’s not even real.
hwajin~ always catches chelsea off guard. it’s really fun when chelsea is caught being stupid.
nahyun~ she doesn’t seem to have anyone but hwajin to hang out with anymore
koreans overall~ have this thing about clapping each others’ hands and interlocking them and going hyper at the same time… it’s fun. they do it to me, too.

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  1. 2006/09/21 23:10

    wow…you’re being pretty hard on people. did you get a big picture of everyone? maybe you can send me a picture of that saraf. i’d really like to know what she looks like.oh, and tell neda that jo says hi and that meg and amy both miss her. (uh, the jo part is real. the other ones are just to make sure she doesn’t forget who jo is.)

  2. 2006/09/23 15:24

    now now Russell isnt that hard if varsha is wantin to write it her way let her but if you all get a bad grade, then you cna get mad @ her

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