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too bad… on thursday and friday, i was fine, but on saturday i got seriously sick, like 103 degrees on the only thermometer anyone had (ever since i took the Biophotonics class, i’ve preferred infrared to mercury or alcohol, so i was a bit annoyed). i still have this awful sore throat… i think someone out there wants me to starve to death… not to mention die from other things- this little someone is awfully oppurtunistic (oops… looks like i spelled it wrong… is it opportunistic? but that looks wrong, too) and unfortunate, because someone else out there doesn’t want me to die any time soon… this is getting annoying.

and i have been reading so much harry potter i’d swear i was obssessed if i couldn’t drop it and pick up something else to like very much whenever i like. but honestly, i think i listen to hermione (i almost said “miss granger”!) too much… either that or J.K.Rowling lets Hermione talk like she writes.

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  1. 2006/08/22 00:01

    so…DID you go to Harris Beach State Park?

  2. 2006/08/22 02:54

    heh ouch 103 fever taht’s a lil high. couple more degree higher i would of taken to told u to go to the ER asap yo call me up we hanvt tlked ofr lik a couple week i think

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