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i guess having mocca over isn’t so bad… but his jumping and yapping must have scared the heck out of ciara yesterday.. ‘ ‘;; and he barks at knocks… and he isn’t really housebroken properly… but he doesn’t seem like he’s planning on running away, and he only playbites… which sent jonathon (liu? the really bratty kid, anyway.) “over the top”.. anyone should know the difference between a bite that breaks skin and one in play. -_-

i have to watch my sister n use the homeschooling thing my mom got. i can’t even watch anime now (on Youtube XD)… she looked over and tried to copy it… *shudders* it looked horrible.. i guess she thought “oo she’s pretty” and then tried to draw the hair *winces* and make the face “pretty” *flinches visibly* i gotta say, there wasn’t any resemblence at all.

my sister’s in a mental decline, i swear. when she was a baby she learned how to sing a minuet i’d been playing on the piano (WHICH I QUIT) so that i could actually tell what she was imitating. now she can’t sing anything. to help my mom ease her out of mabel’s montessori academy (stupid ***** tried to cheat us out of $665), i told her that she used to be able to sing well, but ever since she went to “miss mabel’s”, she started to sing horribly. i know, i’m good at boosting self-esteem, aren’t i?

i saw the first layout thing i had… eww i can’t believe i picked THAT one….

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