(subj: harris beach trip)

On thursday and friday, I was fine, but on saturday I got seriously sick, like 103 degrees according to the only thermometer anyone had (ever since I took the Biophotonics class, I’ve preferred infrared to mercury or alcohol, so I was a bit annoyed).

I still have this awful sore throat.


(subj: sst)

Day One

I arrived in one piece, even with Isaac telling me when to eat (which just happens to be when I’m full because I didn’t skip lunch and had a lotta sugar from the potluck), Tiffany trying to be nice, and all the stuff that comes with an extended time period of driving, like going up and down.

My roommates: Debbie Chao, aged 16, is shorter than her sister but she’s older and Wendy (the sister) is sorta dependent on her. Lydia Shepherd, age 12-13, stole my hiking shoes and altoids. I still don’t know where my altoids are.

Day Two

During rec, we started out with capture the torch (attack of the water balloons), water volleyball, sit on the water balloon, etc etc etc. I found out the “pool” is this uber foul 3 foot inflatable thing. and it’s freezing. The GUYS had it when it hadn’t FROZEN OVER yet -_-.
During waterballoonvolleyball I got attacked by a yellowjacket who apparently thought I was food. *glare*

Day Three

Attacked again… strange little things, huh? It bugs me how the other people panic though. Briella was flailing around in the pool, screaming about centipedes. It turned out to be a mini-pinecone.

Lydia made me draw something in her sketchbook.

Day Four

Was it Bible Bowl on day four? Anyway, I won bible bowl for my class (basically, grades 9-10). Eunice (not the Eunice from Taiwan) kept spacing out and I was like, “HIT IT,” because whoever hits their little light up button first gets five seconds to spout off the answer.

Day Five

For rec, we learned how to decorate cakes.

Day Six

I killed a frog before the hike. I don’t even get HOW I killed it.


On our way back, I spotted a section of trail above and thought, “shortcut.” I yelled, “Don’t come after me.”

I remember cobwebs, rocks, and brush-things, then dirt, dust, and leaves. No rock. I spotted 2 bush-things with a stick lying across their main stem-things… I didn’t think it was stable, but I tried the stick, then I decided to try digging in my fingers. It worked, but my shoes (which were wet at the toes from slipping in the pools at the end of the trail) got very brown. They were originally kind of khaki green. Then I grabbed the bush thing, pulled up and thought, “s***, I’m a lot further than I thought.” I put my foot on the base of the bush and somehow used it as a foothold to get up to a rockier area so I could have more solid climbing surface.

Meanwhile, the whole time I’m just following voices coming from the trail. I eventually got somewhere back on the trail and looked down. The green leaves turned yellow and I felt out of breath and dizzy (almost died #1), so I chugged my water bottle. A mosquito attacked my hand.

Then I hiked past the guys, who were still talking, and got to the place where they had Gatorade. Then a yellowjacket decided to land on my left eye and crawl to my right. *sigh* Eunice was talking to me the whole time. She had this horrid bruise on her leg, so she ended up riding the ATV back (Todd driving), even though, like me, she wanted to do the whole hike.

We hiked a bit and stopped, and hiked, and Todd just kept coming back to pick people up. I kept making up excuses not to ride, but ended up on it anyway. He took us to the spot where the others were, and then scared me by riding straight up this hill. I thought we were going to flip over and die. I took a few pictures with Priscilla Liu and Tracy ’cause he said there was a view of Mt. Moriah, and a picture starring my backpack, while he took the others to Alpha House.

Then it was our turn.

At this one point…
Todd: “everyone hanging on?”
Tracy and Priscilla: “yeah”
me: “I guess”
and then
me: *thinks [I’m going to fall off I’m going to fall off], falls off* (almost died #2)

First I thought [maybe I can pull myself back up], then I felt the back of the ATV, [maybe not], so I let go, and then I just barely remember landing hard on my back and I’m sure I skidded a bit. The whole time Tracy was screaming her head off. Later she said that she just suddenly realized I wasn’t there, looked back, and saw me flipping or something. My most clear memory is foggy dust clouds, and 2 dark figures yelling, “Are you all right?” while getting off the ATV then running toward me. Next thing I know, Tracy’s helping me up.
Todd: “Can you see clearly? Can you see me?”
me: “yeah”
Todd: “Do you think you have a concussion?”
me: “no, but my head hurts”
Todd: “Do you know what just happened to you?”
me: “I fell off” (understatement)

I came out with a slight headache (the top/back of my head still feels a bit bruised), temporary ankle ache, scraped right knee (don’t want to bend it), scraped left elbow, and later on, a jaw ache, neck ache, back ache, chest ache, and my nose feels slightly- ehh I dunno what to call it, battered?

Me: “let’s do that again!!”
Tracy: “You look 10, 20 years older” *referring to my dusty hair*
Priscilla: “yeah” *laugh*
Tracy: “OK, try not to mention it to anyone ’cause it might make Todd feel bad” (he actually mentioned it later himself, when he was lecturing other girls about their griping)

I got to shower in the amazing shower in the garage. The drawback was that I shed a ton of hair. I’m not kidding, it was quite a bit.

Day Seven

I drew in Lydia’s book again. I thought it turned out kind of cute.

Day Eight (last full day)

We had a night hike. I scared Esther and Tracy (?) and Wendy, I think? At the end, this lady and her terrier—I don’t know what he was, but his name was Giaco—got all the girls except a few (like me) screaming the I’m-getting-eaten-by-a-bear scream.

I thought [that’s the I’m-getting-attacked-by-a-bear scream], looked at their feet (I was kind of off to the side), and saw a very small dog running around. Well, whaddya know…

Day Nine

Tons of cleaning to do. Don’t like mops. Never. grr.

Found out we’re taking in Mocca for a week.

On the way back, we were right behind Tracy, and we passed Esther and Christina Kaut.

Out of time… I didn’t post for today yet. I mean, yesterday?

-edit 8/7-

Anyway, yesterday we ate at someone’s house. Rebecca Chao was there, too. The mom is Rebecca’s mom’s friend, apparently, and we helped them with moving something earlier..?

At first the kid looked ages older than my mom said he was and he had the air of being really “asian”, so I was like [does he know English?] It turns out he has an accent. Then it turned out they invited another family, May and Ray’s, so that he wouldn’t be alone. It was a bit odd. Us girls talked about school and all that.