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translate “wan zhen de ai” then search it+ korean drama. ^_^ corny eh?

ugly picture of the main char. in the drama… it’s the girl. she’s really cool in the drama though. she works really hard and it’s amazing how she manages, considering how sick she is…

which reminds me.. my dad’s getting increasingly worried about my own coughing and choking, and my mom’s getting increasingly forgetful to get me an appt with the dr.

at sst, it’s gonna be me, felicia, sonia, and jessica. miri, xia, jing, and company are ALL in summer school. actually, so’s jessica, but i think she might be leaving early or something???

+ something odd.. i decided to try to write a teen book. i kept realizing i kept screwing up my dates, so i wasted time i should have spent writing?

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