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crap i have to practically rewrite an entire essay cuz i just realized my body paragraph/support wasn’t very good. y do i have to be so bad at writing essays?
sometimes i feel old… worn out. i’m so forgetful i forget what i say as soon as i say it, i yawn continuously throughout the day, get these strange coughing/choking fits, sometimes i feel like i can barely walk…
and i hate it how my parents use me as a witness for interrogation to prove little faults about each other and etc. my dad taught me all the nice little chinese insults i know, and worst one (b******) i know from hearing him rant at my mom. they’re not even supposed to fight in front of their kids, but i’m not old enough to have my word taken into consideration.
and my dad’s constantly putting a ton of pressure on me regarding my relationship with ppl. he nearly blew when i waved back at Jen (a really scary person especially during tkd class… since her fiance is mr. spore she probably gets xtra tips and all that, too *cringes*) because my expression looked, as he put it, like someone owes me something. i was just kind of spacing and when she said hi to my dad and i,  i just kind of panicked and waved so i wouldn’t get yelled at, but got scolded for not smiling. is there just something wrong with my face so that i can’t look serious without looking “out to get them” (>_-))*glare* (‘_’)*sigh*

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