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last night, katherine threw a sleepover. i stayed till, maybe, 11:45. let’s see..
Escape from whatever-it-was.. It stands backwards on a diving board
while everyone is lined up against the wall underneath. It has the
objective of tagging someone. Everyone else has the objective of making
it to the other end untagged. everyone makes splashing and the
occasional call “there she goes! i’m serious!! she’s almost there!” if
It turns around and there’s nobody escaping, It has to take a step
further from the edge of the diving board. if there’s ppl escaping, and
they’re not on a chain, It is free to attack. plus, if timing’s right,
u can land on them… jk. i chased haemin and katherine across. haemin
accidentally kicked katherine in the face and she got a bloody nose.
my dinner- ate dinner
after my dinner- RACES!!
random freaking out, dark water so i just kept going under and tugging
so that ppl would freak. katherine’s pool is dark even during the day.
and when the lights are on, you can’t see anything cuz it’s too cloudy.
everyone out. they changed, angela did something brilliant on the piano
and got an encore, Joanne did something brilliant, then angela’s turn
again. they play hundreds times better than i’ve heard ppl i know. But
shangan can improvise an accompaniment just by looking at chord names.
i guess that’s y i quit and don’t plan on starting again.
me and jessica and joanne were comparing sketches. Jessica tries to be
realistic, i just imitate (it gets hard when u have a really dull
pencil, cuz katherine figured i’d rather have a dull one than
mechanical) whatever i feel like imitating, and joanne uses models for
effects and stuff.
later- watched POTC1 (unlike everyone else, who’re watching POTC2) until my mom picked me up.
bed- brush teeth and all that, then my dad made me take notes on how to
sell stocks with TD ameritrade, whateveritis. so complicated.. x_x. and
that’s what i have to do by his instructions (he has to tell me the
price thing) after hours, cuz his internet usage at work is
monitered… i checked the “internet/intranet usage policy” yesterday
when i didn’t have anything else to do on the computer.

been up for 7 minutes (It’s 10:26), and in 35 or so Junie’s coming… augh augh.
11:00- Violin lesson (i’m nervous… i’m not good at violin, but they want me to teach?)
12:00- free lunch (instead of getting payed for the above)
After lunch- HOMEWORK (i hate essays. #2C’s about vending machines. on Friday, #1B, about me, is due. later, #3A, about Cinderella and “Race, Identity, and the Illusion” will be assigned)
2:00- get called by my dad to do business.

(btw i finished posting after i got home from lunch, so it says 12:28)

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