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I hated hated hated �Rogers and Hammerstein�s Cinderella� or whatever-it�s-called.

  1. the races are all screwed up. Face it, white+black=asian is not happening.
  2. the voices don�t match. The ppl on Youtube do better stuff than that.
  3. the prince is so freaking ugly. I�m not that big on ppl�s looks, but you can�t get much worse than that.
  4. Cinderella must have needed neck massages after each filming session. She just kept tilting her head back. It looked so painful, I started aching. And she and ugly azn dude kept spinning around until another girl and I got a headaches from the watching the background and the awful songs.
  5. bad bad bad movie. They soo did it on purpose.

ew ew ew ew ew

my dad’s office’s computer is sooo cool. die of jealosy, ppl!!

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  1. 2006/07/17 21:46

    heh your dad’s comp is good cuz it’s not filled with useless stuff on your home comp

  2. 2006/07/17 21:58

    man wilson are you just full of insults or what???

  3. 2006/07/18 01:38

    nah not insults…put downs and true facts hurt what can i say i work at a computer store as a network administator in Sac. i know what makes a computer run fast and more efficeintly. im sorry if i ruined your groove and proved to be a bigger dork or nerd or w.e you pplz nicked named me.

  4. Anonymous permalink
    2006/07/18 10:19

    yes that movie was bad. it showed very inappropriate stuff. did u have to write about ummm junk food in school? and i have good aim. give me a rifle and a target ill hit middle usually.

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