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last day of Digital Imaging & Design i’m so anxious.. my mom’s coming.. i brought a USB thingy to load all my projects on and a camera so i don’t forget Rina. and maybe her brother and her friend. her brother’s kinda odd, though.
i guess i’m just kinda stuck on how i wish i brought a camera for Music in the Parks and Last Day of School. -“- i never thought i’d ever regret not bringing a camera somewhere… i guess when i go outdoors, taking pics of random outside stuff is fun, and when i go “somewhere” (Butchart Gardens, amusement parks, all that) taking pics if i’m with friends is fun.
i don’t think i smiled during the last time we went to Butchart Gardens until the stalker dudes started screwing with our walkitalki frequency and my dad caught him, which was kinda bittersweet bcuz i wanted to try beating him up. i knew i couldn’t yet, but everyone’s gotta start SOMEwhere… *sigh*
i think i’ve watched most of RK ep1-50, yep. i hate the holes i have and the cliffhanger thing.. stupid thing’s waayy too long. maybe that’s a good thing?? ???? ???? ??? augh i wanna know what yumi was typing!! stupid whore… *gasp* cut my tongue out! *runs for soap*
was reading about some of the stuff… i wanna see the “circus” ep from the tokyo arc…
character opinions:

  • KH(hbr)- odd background, but he’s got a lot of stamina n speed, so that part’s cool
  • KK- i like it when she’s mad.
  • YM- it’s funny when he gets mad or gets KK mad.
  • SS- rooster head… kinda stupidly stubborn.
  • MT- didn’t see too much. she’s not exactly my favorite character, i think.
  • HS- nice fighting style nice fighting style nice fighting style.
  • AS- stuck-up… grrr. i feel sorry for misao.
  • MM- NICE kick…
  • O- odd old guy… o.O, well, he used to be a good fighter.
  • SM- scary… o.O… but he’s not stupid, and he’s not as bad as he could be.
  • SS- i thought he looked like a girl.. smiles a lot (that almost covers it), and crazy good fighter.
  • AY- he’s the least bad of the bad. slightly nuts.
  • CS- broomhead!! rooster v. broom, lol.
  • UU- scary scary scary. Saito got him pretty good. yay!
  • RS- freak.
  • KH- nut case. cross-dresser. it’s funny when he(?) fights with yumi!
  • HK- weird. didn’t see too much. freak.
  • I- gross. DISGUSTING. stupid. STUPID.
  • S- stupid. monologues too much.
  • HS- smart -_-. good strategist, i’m afraid. i hate smart bad ppl.
  • YK- SLUT. i hate sluts. well, she’s not an actual prostitute anymore. but she’s still weak, too.

i am soo… so… easily affected by stuff. *sigh* i don’t get how you ppl can be so nonchalant about everything. i get all excited or obsessed and then everyone does the whole wet blanket thing and it’s like WHY??? WHY ME?? WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SO STUPID??? or why does everyone have to make me feel stupid? gah, someone give me a nihountou.. kill *glazed*.

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  1. 2006/07/13 17:17

    There was a time when I knew every single character’s name… *DIES* I can no longer claim myself the ultimate fan. I’ll just think more… on who is “I”. Ikumatsu? Wait wha? Akatasudjf;slakdfj NOOO I’m getting anime mixed upppp OH. IWANBOU. Okay. There. *sigh*

  2. 2006/07/13 17:29

    heh well taht sucks

  3. 2006/07/13 21:45

    what? i didn’t get “nihountou”…and you should show me those things sometimes…

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