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1. anime freak freak freak.
2. live one month without anime or manga (unless it’s in chinese)
3. bright blue.. you like blue like heck but it’s not depressing blue.. it’s more bouncy…
4. you’ve got hecka friends.
5. at your house, wandering all over the place doing random stuff (wasn’t that when you still had REALLY long hair?)
6. Sea Lion. it just popped into my head.
7. Who’s your absolute, all-time favorite singer/ song?


1. you’re hard to torture… i’m working on it.
2. stop being SUCH A DORK.. lol…
3. PINK noo ew jk. how about ORANGE?
4. NOTHING AT ALL… jk.. you’re awfully helpful (emphasis on awfully, and sometimes it BUGS PEOPLE).
5. i swear i don’t have one..!!! wow.. that’s funny!!
6. a dolphin because it’s kind of weird.
7. If i EVER (in two million years) decided to like a guy and it wasn’t you, how would you react? 0=] (like i said, i’m working on the torture thing…)


1. you mad at your mom= somewhat high-pitched yelling, ALL in chinese.. some of which i have no clue what ur saying.
2. spend five minutes every day, at the same time, just chilling out in your room (let your parents know you want a break), and just sit on your bed, don’t do anything, just clear your head (basically, i’m telling you to meditate), especially if you’re mad at your parents… every day for the rest of the summer. (unless you’re camping.. then you can do it in the car or something)
3. pale grey.
4. you like me for who i am, and you laugh at any jokes i crack, and you make me feel cool!!
5. same as yours… besides that it would just be seeing you wandering around but not knowing who you were or much besides that you were friends with vivian… i think i remember you used to have short hair?
6. Moose. (i didn’t get to see any in yellowstone). you’re hard to find, and don’t stick around, out in the open.
7. What’s your personal opinion of YG, overall?

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  1. 2006/07/01 23:41

    you’re too nice 🙂 but no, i won’t do your challenge. :Pwhat i think of YG…uh…that it had become sort of lame, but i haven’t been there for a LONG time, so maybe it’s back to normal. it’s just so quiet and the atmosphere is (sometimes) tense and (all the time) uncomfortable.

  2. 2006/07/02 13:54

    lol some1 has time on their hands

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