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rode bus #9313- remind me not to trust line 31. i rode another bus, but i just forgot what the number was. and i rode #9317 to csus again.

haha i saw the golden empire pic.. the basses are stabbing, the cellos are decapitating, the violas are making faces, the violins are boring, except somewhere on the left, some of the firsts are fighting indiscriminately. and chelsea dingman is preparing to bash her violin on someone’s head, as usual…

i have 19 subscribers, 2 i don’t really know, but i know who knows them and stuff, i guess it’s ok. on the other hand, i have 35 subscriptions. sad isn’t it?… oh now 36… even worse.
if you want to think of urself as one of the 19, pick one of the titles from yesterday’s post and put it in your comment to make me feel good. i think all the lyrics are somewhere on the internet.

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  1. 2006/06/29 18:37

    lol, interesting orchestra pic…ur background is soooooooooo pretty!!!! lol, oh about the subscription thing, i dont subscribe to anyone because then that will fill up my email double the amount, so sorry! but have a good summer!

  2. 2006/06/29 22:09

    uh…. ok…… taht wont really matter cause i really dont care im jus in n out with xanga nowa days im to lazy to even mak a new post :3

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