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huang sz gong ruan!!!!


1. ~mountains disappearing… NOOOO
   ~Nevada- lotsa salt?
   ~6/7:47?- mountains
~8/9:00?- got stuck behind super-slow lady who had shocked expression
when we cut, then got in hecka trouble w/ grumpy policeman.. grandma
got out to explain this was our first time here, he kept telling us to
basically shut up and get in the car because he was afraid she (and i,
because she has bad legs) were a decoy thing.. apparently policemen
have been killed this way.
   ~stopped @ Twin Falls, Idaho for the day.
2. ~10:25-lava stuff all over the place. all black all over, except for plants.
~Craters of The Moon visitor center- a ladybug accompanied me into the
gift shop. outside, if you look at the cement, there are caterpillars
   ~Indian’s Tunnel- i almost freaked when the
first drop of water landed on my head. glad it wasn’t a “REAL real”
   ~stopped @ Idaho Falls, Idaho.
3. ~Moose
Visitor Center, Grand Teton National Park- selling awesome cd’s..
didn’t buy any, but gained an interest in a certain collection, “dan
gibson’s solitudes; exploring nature with music”. water fountain’s
water is delicious… heh.
   ~sagebrush, sagebrush, sagebrush
   ~brown creeper, osprey
~”Elephant Trail” or something- CUUUTE DOWNY WOODPECKERS THEY ARE SO
   ~azn tour-bus-ers EVERYWHERE whee.
~chinese restaurant w/ funky gift shop- gift shop sells a lot of
chinese stuff, including these cute mini-statue things of little
shaolin monks in positions or with weapons.
   ~Jackson Hole, Wyoming
4. ~mom took the hint that i wanted one of the cd’s.. piano cascades v. moon river! bought moon river.
   ~3:22- Old Faithful.. i don’t see anything too special. it’s just famous.
   ~5:00-30- Midway Geyser Basin. Wind level? 4 hats, 1 empty gum pack not within reach of retrieval. any questions?
   ~West Yellowstone, Montana
~elk. lots. dad HAD to take a picture.. and i didn’t bring my ‘hiking
boots’. off in the middle of nowhere, of course. lots of fallen logs=
gory scrape on my left foot (it’s really been taking beatings), torn
pants. turns out we have to cross the swampiest streams in existance.
wasted time getting long-range camera and tripod across, not to mention
we both slipped in the mud and the other people had found a shortcut,
but frightened the elk up a hill. GREAT.
   ~3:50- climbed hoodoos, scraped foot, flipflops, and all.
6. ~10:45- fox sighting.
~4:20-30- grizzly bear. everyone went to go see it, and then the bear
meandered off to where the cars were either parked or stuck in tourist
traffic. he goes uphill to cars, tourists go uphill to cars, i go
downhill, someone calls me stupid. k, who’s walking straight at the
bear, hmmm?
   ~6:55- 2 adult bald eagles
   ~7:04- 2 bald eagles in dark phase.. in nest
7. ~5:50- mini canada geese= pictures!!
8.  ~woke up, started crashing into everything in sight.
~imax, ran into carol’s dad’s younger sister (aunt), uncle, and
cousins, who i haven’t seen since i’d seen eunice… LONG TIME. the
aunt recognized my dad..
   ~grizzly and wolf discovery
center- BORING. wolves are cool, no matter what, though. ‘course they
had both live and dead ones..
   ~souvenier spree! 2 sweatshirts, 1 tshirt, 1 hat-thing for
me, 2 tshirts, 1 visor-thing for my cousin marcello (the stuff that
priscilla would have picked were too un-yellowstone and expensive, so
she didn’t get any), 1 sweatshirt for dad, like, 5 tshirts or so for
mom, 1 tshirt for hannah, etc etc.
9. ~saw ambulance. word ambulance on the front appeared to be mirrored? is it dyslexia? *paranoid*
~Salt Lake City’s Costco’s hot dog thing- slow line, out of vanilla
frozen yogurt (used chocolate), out of berries (they used
strawberries), out of soda (still have ice and lemonade, handed out
cans of coke/sprite), made hot dogs (not ready), slow service overall,
receipt printer is OUT OF PAPER, almost forgot chicken salad
(reminded), out of chicken salad (we got last one)… they need major
   ~grandma’s life story… it’s quite
interesting, but it’s hard to pay attention because sometimes i’m not
sure what she’s talking about… vocabulary and geology… need to work
on that… not really my fault?
   ~Winnemucca, Nevada
~got home in the middle afternoon… hit 2 Costcos and an azn food,
medicine, and etc. store before. great time to get home? soo much
unpacking to do at the hottest time of day.
   ~called sehee
   ~called katherine
   ~called varsha
   ~watered plants… the cucumbers had MAJOR growth spurt.. they’re, maybe, 4 feet tall.
   ~went to felicia’s to see if we could have some keys back,
but they weren’t home. *gets suspicious* no one reading my post is
going to try to steal them, right? *glare* don’t try it.
   ~checked email
   ~started post
   ~watched “dances with wolves” during dinner
   ~finished post.

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  1. 2006/06/26 12:15

    No, you can get regected. If your layout isn’t special or good, they tell you that and don’t put your thing up. Like, my first xmas layout at xx_happiness_xx wouldn’t go up if I submitted it- It’s just normal + a banner, really.

  2. 2006/06/26 20:09

    heh it seemed like you had lots of fun right?

  3. 2006/06/27 21:01

    you called three people and you didn’t call ME!?!?*sniffles* *sniffles* WAHHHHHHHHH!!!

  4. 2006/06/27 21:02

    i wish i went to yellowstone…when me and my mom talked to dad about it, he was like, “we’ll go in a year or two…” he meant “we’ll never go to yellowstone”

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