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quiz stolen from valerie


64 Questions to Start the Summer

1. Are you in a relationship??
heck no.

2. If no, would you like to be?

3. How often do you visit your MySpace profile?
don’t have one.

4. What is your favorite candy bar?
uhh the mushy caramel-ish ones… ooo i see a big spider on the wall. it’s not THAT big, but it’s not too small, either.

5. What are your favorite shoes?

6. Have you ever tripped going up steps?
oh yeah. i slipped on the stairs @ the Jia Mei meeting after Day on the Green.

7. Do you have a vacation planned for this summer yet?
so far, i have yellowstone.

8. Would you bungee jump?
sounds fun.

9. Do you own a Fallout Boy CD?
which is…??

10. Do you like amusement parks?
i guess.. if i’m with friends… people i can really get along with.

11. Do you ride rollercoasters?
i’m working on it.

12. What is your current favorite CD?
Angel Voices. *cries*

13. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?
almost? i think.. i guess.

14. When was the last time you were in the ocean?
last summer.. late july-august-ish??

15. Do you like beer?

16. Would you kiss someone of the same sex?
ugghh no.

17. What is the most embarrassing CD you own?
little horse songs! (dorky taiwanese little kid thing)

18. Are you sarcastic?
you could say that.

19. Is there anything you wait for every summer?

20. In your opinion, what is the best summer smell?
i don’t see anything special. oh wait, our neighbors have the craziest jasmine-ish flower things…

21. Socks and sandals?
i don’t get it.

22. Who was the last person to go to the movies with you?
uhhmm… jennifer? haemin?

23. What’s one thing you really hope to do this summer?
prepare for ninth grade, do well in ats, grow my attention span to that of a tree!

24. Do you like to go Mini-Golfing?
which is…?

25. Are you going anywhere this summer?
yellowstone, sac state (doesn’t really count).. *prays* come on, canada.

26. Are you going to be starting a new job this summer?
job? what job?

27. Have you ever slapped someone?
in slapping games.. abcd, “slapping game”, etc etc.

28. Do you get poison ivy?
i started the summer before last. eugh!

29. Do you plan on going camping this summer?

30. What was the last restaurant you ate at?
retarded shanghai place.. hate it.

31. Favorite pizza topping?
i’m not picky about food.

32. Pants or shorts?
whatever works.

33. Do you play any sports?
no.. wait, does tkd count?

34. Do you use Chapstick?
less than i should.. my mom is starting to get on my case.

35. What were the last 3 movies you watched?
i just watched “the mask of zorro” (with my parents), before (not right before!!) that i watched “fantasia 2000” (with my little sister), and FLY AWAY HOME (with my parents… BEST AMERICAN MOVIE OUT OF THE THREE!!!).

36. Are you currently fighting with anyone?
actually, i don’t think so!! wow!!!

37. Are you too forgiving?
not immediately.

38. How many pets do you have?
*cries* my dad is working on it.

39. Do you own something from Hot Topic?
what’s hot topic?

40. What is your favorite breakfast?
anything but eggs. had too many.. think, “one every morning for a year”.

41. Where was the last place you drove?
KOREANA SUPERMARKET!! it has this weird dude at the checkout thingy.. he’d kind of bleached his hair so it’s kind of dark orange-yellowish, and has a pierced ear. his face somehow made me think of miri. it’s probably the eyes and the bleach.

43. Where will you be in 24 hours?
packing feverishly. in 48 hours i will be on my first road trip of the summer.

44. What did you do 3 nights ago?
sunday night.. i forget.

45. When was the last time you went to a fancy restaurant?

46. What was the last thing you bought?
pass into manor pool.

47. Have you ever been in a foreign country?

48. Anywhere you want to go?
taiwan, china, korea, then, MAYBE, japan.

49. What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home with out your family?
New Jersey… oh wait, no, my grandparents went with me, and i stayed with my aunt, cousins, and uncle.

50. What have you done today?
dentist’s! i am, OFFICIALLY, wearing a retainer at night only.

51. Do you own something from a sex shop?
‘ ‘;; do i want to know what that is?

52. Are you thinking of someone right now?
i could certainly try.

53. Have you ever thrown something out of a moving car?
*shamed* yes.

54. Do you smoke cigarettes?
no. do i look THAT dumb to you?

55. Would you date someone who smoked cigarettes?

56. Are you happy with your life right now?

57. What’s the last thing you ate?
chinese food.

58. What’s the next place you have to go?

59. How many hours do you usually sleep per night?
nto enough.

60. What’s the next important date on your calendar?

61. Who last called you?

62. McDonald’s or Burger King?
i don’t care.

63. Who last text messaged you?

64. Are you closer to your mother or father?

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