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how do you people pick favorite singers and stuff? it seems to me like they’ve all been labelled “wannabe” or something. maybe azn stuff is less complicated than american. the one problem is, i don’t know too much about azn stuff. *hit me on the head*

     the last place i want to get a negative mood swing is for the duration of a YP meeting. i’m bad enough at concentrating, either way. isaac’s questions and stuff started kind of stressing me out.
     i know i shouldn’t get bugged about stuff, but when miranda starts using her little quips and smarts i just feel so retarded in comparison, when carol spins her little pen thing it just plain bugs me, when i’m the only azn not pulling straight A’s (not to mention miranda’s “now i’m starting to get scared” when i said the best grade i got on an essay this year was a C+).
     i was feeling kind of insecure, so isaac was just freaking at me that i either understand the point i was assigned, or i don’t. i did, but i wasn’t sure that i got it right. carol didn’t think i got it right. come my turn, i got it right.
     it’s like “… wow… … …”

say, isn’t it fun to write on yourself? i went lighter with the pencil later on, so the later marks are already gone, but i still KIND of have “Burn” scratched out behind my right thumb down the back of my wrist. (i wouldn’t write on my wrists unless i ran out of space… i’m not stupid enough- i think.)

heh the “it won’t last forever” layout is now the theme concerning my friendships at school..

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  1. 2006/06/11 03:03

    I wrote on my wrists with pen. It was my favorite place to write little things for myself. >.>

  2. 2006/06/11 12:41

    i don’t use ink, because my mom would kill me. pencil leaves scratch marks- i could always say i ran into rocky on the street or something!

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