(subj: ats)

On the bus, I saw that weird old lady from last year on the bus. It looks like she can’t stop moving. It’s more mild this year (she’s not shaking her head as hard, moving her leg as visibly, etc.), but it kinda bugs me a bit. It doesn’t really matter though.

huang sz gong ruan!!!!

    • Nevada HAS lotsa salt?
    • (8 PDT/9 MDT) We got stuck behind a super-slow lady who had a shocked expression when we passed her, then got in hecka trouble with a grumpy policeman… my grandma got out to explain this was our first time here. He kept telling us basically to shut up and get in the car because apparently policemen have been killed this way.
    • We stopped at Twin Falls, Idaho for the day.
    • (≈10:25) We went somewhere that had lava rock stuff all over the place, all black all over, except for plants.
    • (Craters of The Moon visitor center) A ladybug accompanied me into the gift shop. Outside, if you look at the cement, there are caterpillars everywhere.
    • (Indian’s Tunnel) I almost freaked when the first drop of water landed on my head. glad it wasn’t a “REAL real” cave.
    • We stopped at Idaho Falls, Idaho.
    • (Moose Visitor Center, Grand Teton National Park) I didn’t buy any CDs but I gained an interest in the “Dan Gibson’s Solitudes; Exploring Nature with Music” collection. The water fountain’s water is delicious… heh.
    • sagebrush, sagebrush, sagebrush
    • brown creeper, osprey
    • Everywhere are asians taking tour buses.
    • (Chinese restaurant) The funky gift shop sells a lot of chinese stuff, including these cute mini-statue things of little shaolin monks in stances or with weapons.
    • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    • My mom bought me one of those CDs. Between Piano Cascades and Moon River, I ended up going with Moon River.
    • (≈3:22 at Old Faithful) I don’t see anything too special. It’s just famous.
    • (Midway Geyser Basin) To give you an idea of the wind level, there were 4 hats and 1 empty gum pack not within reach of retrieval.
    • West Yellowstone, Montana
    • We saw elk. Lots. My dad HAD to take a picture… and I didn’t bring my hiking shoes. We were off in the middle of nowhere, of course. Lots of fallen logs = gory scrape on my left foot (it’s really been taking beatings), torn pants. Turns out we also have to cross the swampiest streams in existence. We wasted time getting the long-range camera and tripod across, not to mention we both slipped in the mud. I guess some other people had found a shortcut but they frightened the elk up a hill. GREAT.
    • (≈3:50) Climbed hoodoos, scraped foot, flipflops and all.
    • (≈10:45) fox sighting
    • (≈4:20-30) There was a grizzly bear. Everyone went to go see it, and then the bear meandered off towards the road where the cars were either parked or stuck in tourist traffic. He goes uphill to cars, tourists go uphill to cars, I go downhill away from cars. Someone calls me stupid, but I don’t get it. Who’s walking straight at the bear?
    • (≈6:55) 2 adult bald eagles
    • (≈7:04) 2 bald eagles in dark phase… in nest
    • (≈5:50) mini canada geese
    • Woke up, started crashing into everything in sight.
    • (IMAX) We ran into Carol’s aunt (her dad’s younger sister), uncle, and cousins, who I apparently haven’t seen since I’d seen Eunice… LONG TIME. The aunt recognized my dad.
    • (Grizzly and Wolf Discovery) Boring. Wolves are cool, no matter what, though. ‘Course they had both live and dead ones.
    • Souvenir spree! 2 sweatshirts, 1 t-shirt, 1 hat-thing for me; 1 sweatshirt for my dad; like, 5 t-shirts for my mom, 1 t-shirt for Hannah, also 1 visor-thing for my cousin Marcello (I saw some stuff Priscilla would have picked but they weren’t really like Yellowstone souvenirs and they were expensive), etc. etc.
    • I saw an ambulance. The word ambulance on the front appeared to be mirrored? Am I dyslexic??
    • (Salt Lake City’s Costco food court) The line was slow; they were out of vanilla frozen yogurt (got chocolate), mixed berries (they used strawberry), chicken salad (we got the last one, soda (still have ice and lemonade, handed out cans of coke and sprite), ready-made hot dogs, and receipt paper; they almost forgot the chicken salad (we reminded them); and they had slow service overall.
    • My grandma was telling her life story. It’s quite interesting, but it’s hard to pay attention because sometimes I’m not sure what she’s talking about (vocabulary and geography). Need to work on that… not really my fault?
    • Winnemucca, Nevada
    • We hit 2 Costcos and an asian food, medicine, and etc. store, and got home in the middle afternoon. Great time to get home? Soo much unpacking to do at the hottest time of day.
    • I called Sehee, Katherine, and Varsha
    • I watered the plants… The cucumbers had a MAJOR growth spurt… they’re maybe 4 feet tall.
    • Went to Felicia’s to see if we could have our keys back,
      but they weren’t home.
    • Checked email
    • Started post
    • Watched “Dances with Wolves” during dinner
    • finished post.


(subj: last day of school)

I walked home from school.

My dad got pissed because I wasn’t waiting all the way out front when he came to pick me up, so I had to walk. in flip-flops. with backpack. no water. scraped left arch. FLIP FLOPS. ow ow ow. ow ow.

He made up for it when I got home by stuffing me with watermelon and an oversized bottle of yang le duo (the fermented yogurt soft drink or whatever-it’s-called). I couldn’t fit lunch until afterwards.

I’m really really hoping to get emailed by people because I handed my email out…

Bye, I’m going to Yellowstone tomorrow.

(subj: youth meeting)

I did have SOME fun yesterday:

I stressed out Carol a bit (not on purpose), only to show it was all for nothing, pretty much. I’m just bad at presenting→ insecure, so:
Carol: “I thought you didn’t get it!!”
me: “I guess I’m just insecure.”

Then I scared Isaac when I choked on the “sand french cookie” thing:
Isaac: *odd look, about to swat me across the back* “need help?”
me: *kidding while coughing* “hairball!” *continues coughing*
Isaac: “oh, never mind. I’m not helping with that…”

On the car ride home…
me: *laughing* “uh-oh… HAIRBALL!”
Isaac: “not again!!!”
me: “just kidding”

(subj: day on the green)

  • They ran out of Jamba Juice.
  • They ran out of burritoes.
  • I was very thirsty.
  • The hot dog sucked. blech.
  • Rock wall
    • Joanne didn’t climb further than two steps.
    • Some stupid ninth graders were taking forever.
  • Everyone ditched me in the middle of sprinkler tag.
  • I didn’t get very wet on the first round, but I got very grass-covered… I’m allergic.
  • The slip-and-slide was muddy.
  • You can’t go on the rock wall infinite times in a row.
  • I almost got Jinsoo mad at me again for hitting him because Seoyeon asked me to help her get back at him, ‘cept I didn’t hit hard enough to get him that mad, just enough to get everyone to go, “ooohhhh!!!!”
  • I dragged Hwajin down in front of the sprinklers see her shocked facial expression again. It’s really funny… everyone was laughing.
  • I decided that I dislike the caucasian that hangs out with the fobs.
  • I got Grace to go with me to the rock wall, but she quit.
  • We went back, and I lost the asian rock paper scissors tournament, and had to stand in front of the sprinkler for 5 seconds. For Grace, they were counting WAY too slow, so I just hauled her out yelling, “you guys count too slow!!!”
  • They all lost the water balloon thing.
  • They went on the weird football obstacle course.
  • We spent the last 10-20 minutes walking around, looking for each other ’cause we all separated after the football thing. We even went into the gym to ask the guys if they’d seen Nahyun, Grace, Hwajin, or Seoyeon, or someone.


Everyone in my fourth period class is pissed at me and Saraf. Apparently, they don’t don’t like medium hard quizzes and/or paragraphs for homework. I’m SURE we have a bad grade, because our presentation was WAY too long. I tried to shorten it, but Saraf overestimated my ability to prepare. crud crud crud crud CRUD. She had WAY too much in her presentation. I could censor complete sentences if I had it my way. And her presentation style is for younger kids, like she would say, “Do you know why this is?” in a really exaggerated way. Of course, not only does she have to sabotage the entire presentation, she wants to grade the whole thing (a.k.a. she wants to fail certain people).

Am I just the only asian girl that pulls bad grades? Actually, am I the only girl that pulls bad grades? Well, other people do, too, I guess, but they don’t count because they don’t try. How is it that the highest grade I’ve managed to pull on essays is a 79 (to my recollection)? and that’s the essay I got back today. Not even a B; a C+. How do they pull A’s? or am I just that bad at writing? I’m going to flunk next year, at this rate… actually, last year, I did better (B-‘s) on essays but worse overall, so it might not be so bad… or it might be worse. ANXIETY ANXIETY.

Yesterday, I was biking home from my violin lesson and I randomly wished (almost prayed) that I would run into someone I knew because I was kind of bored of just biking past strangers. Guess who I run into? I almost screamed (and almost crashed into)…
*drum roll*
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Mrs. Champagne.

I did a very loud kind of gasp, like a weird noise with my throat, you know, then “MRS. CHAMPAGNE!!!!” and then heard a cheery little “hola!”

(subj: concert)

Jennifer, Jessica, and I were chatting about the intermediates while we were watching them. Apparently, the korean guys, who we’d sat in front of, decided to prank me or something because when I turned to Jessica, I got what I thought was a hard poke from Jennifer. When Jennifer got confused when I turned to her, I got suspicious and looked behind me… no one confessed, but of the guys behind us, only the koreans are familiar enough with me to prank me. After a while, I got poked in the back of the head. Again, hard. I asked the taiwanese guy (they say he’s 1/4 korean?) who did it, and he said Augustine did it. Augustine says Jinsoo did it, and asks Jinsoo, “right?” and after a ton of ‘pulling his arm’, Jinsoo says both of them did it. Jennifer said I should just believe the taiwanese guy.