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i could listen to this cd and feel like crying (for some reason i can’t
‘cry’ on command.. seriously though) forever and ever and ever and
ever. even the ‘lively’-ish ones (*cough* orinoco flow *cough*) are
sad. sad. sad. sad. sad. sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad sad…
…. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
angels are making me cry..

p.1- survivable. i just feel a tad tired, but it’s ok.
p.2- “free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I AM FREE AT LAST.”
12 min run… 4+1/8 without killing myself in the process. i pulled it
off by waiting for the wind to be in my favor. i was going to sprint
another quarter but i waited, like, 10 seconds too many deciding
whether to go or not. still.. better than i expected. katherine says i
run better when she drags me. yup. just had to ruin it for me there.
saraf has things nailed. i get to type up the quiz. she BETTER let me
do 3/4 of the grading, cuz she took ALL the notes without my helping at
gossip is really boring… especially from xia, who sat on (and
crushed) my not-so-fat backpack. i am officially not eating with my
‘group’ anymore.
skipped reading check!! yay. we did this survey on what we’d do when we
got out of high school.. i was like.. “this one’s varsha”s…. and…
this one’s… yours” to James whoever-he-is and he was like o.O how did
you guess. i figured it out bcuz the handwriting was neater that the
other one, and the checkbox was comepletely colored in, so i said “i’m
psychic!! no, it’s more perfectionist than the other one”.
i wanted to hit mr. moreno. i wanted to hit the tv screen. i wanted to
slap varsha for being so absorbed. i wanted to murder the ppl who came
in for 10 seconds- no idea what for.

friday meeting. what on EARTH am i SUPPOSED to do, huh? anyway, it
sounds like hannah’s ripping something. how horrible. whatever she’s
doing, it’s probably going to get me in a load of trouble later.

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  1. 2006/05/26 23:56

    The best thing about being a woman Is the prerogative to have a little fun an Oh, oh, oh Be totally crazy Forget I�m a lady Men shirts, short skirts Oh, oh, oh, oh Really go wild Yeah doin it in style Oh, oh, oh Get in the action Feel the attraction Cover my hair Do what I dare Oh, oh, oh, oh I wanna be free Yeah, to feel the way I feel Man, I feel like a woman
    i watched american idol and  now this song is stuck in mi head.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    2006/05/27 11:57


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