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saw phillip and wilson at the IPAB yesterday. screw them… XD

depressed again…
i constantly have this feeling i don’t belong where i’m at.
p.1- nothing happened. i survived ms. neely’s daily interrogation of the class.
p.2- screw bianca the tc lady. it was a very disturbing presentation. at first, her attitude reminded me of xu, until the presentation started… speaking of xu, y haven’t i seen her at any meetings lately?
p.3- screw zhe for getting in my face and making me slip twenty million times so that i wouldn’t score. screw kyle for blocking everything. screw melvin, bob, and cj for stealing a million times. screw andrea for being a ****** ** excuse of a- can’t think of the terminology. she can’t catch unless u talk to her (then she prbably starts talking behind ur back, VARSHA). screw neda for passing to andrea all the time and having an anxiety disorder. screw katherine for holding me back. screw varsha for being so dramatically sarcastic. screw kyle for blocking my assasination attempt as well. i was so close to knocking out zhe.
p.4- saraf made me feel better (i know, “o_O”) by being very business-like for project citizen. i’m not so screwed.
lunch- i’m sticking to eating with xia now. i’m the outsider in my original group. things are changing so fast…
p.5- screw mrs. reeve, period.
p.6- i hated the outdoor party. i’d finished my new sketch… nothing to do, really.
speaking of the planner sketches, the ‘eighth grade GATE punk crew’ invaded my planner. now i have mushrooms with red spots, some weird character, a random girl with a weird hat and weird curls, and a face with “roar” or something written across it. there’s an arrow pointing up saying “nyak” and an arrow pointing down saying “chebish”. it was funny while it lasted.
anyway, it was really boring and hot and makes me feel really bad because the only one there that would really hang out with me is varsha and she can get pretty annoying when she gets on my case. i’m starting to wing her around by the wrist a ton. i’m getting more violent with ppl i ‘hang out’ with.
p.7- screw the ac. it’s down in room 1, at least. i hate sitting in front of cody and diagonally to the left of ian h. that means the third in the group, colin f., is going to join and give me a headache (i think i’m ALLERGIC to one of them).

i realize something- no one can be fully honest (especially me) on xanga. if ur friends are on xanga, they might read something, go “ooohh” and then hold it over your head. technically this is not an online diary.

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  1. 2006/05/25 21:06

    Yeah, sometimes it’s best to keep the honest things private.

  2. 2006/05/26 05:09

    yeah well you can write a post and make it “private” you know, that way nobody can read it and you can be honest. 🙂

  3. Anonymous permalink
    2006/05/26 09:27

    bekah, doesn’t matter if your friends are reading or not, but haven’t you thought that if you hurt your friends more often, they won’t be you r friends anymore?

  4. 2006/05/26 19:08

    yeah haemin, i realize that.

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