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yeah, jen, i thought stephanie ding was doing it, but she didn’t. you couldn’t pay me to go again. the violin was the most awful thing, and the pegs were too small so it was impossible to tune, sound quality was terrible, and it didn’t even look like it required any skill to paint. ok, who freakin paints violin tops into big blue faces with green eyes (fingerboard is nose, sound holes make some dorky moustache thingy)?
the lady is a cello teacher. she has a picture of her students… two are enoch and isaac… anyway, in the pictures they’re going to choose from, she acts like she’s helping me. i think i acted all right, but she isn’t a violin teacher, and i think it’s going to mention that my teacher is mr. bloch… which is going to clash with the caption.
she had twin cats… i think persian… but shorthair? hmm… the one i was busy taming before we started was called woozy or something- weird name. but it was giving me a hard time… took forever to stop flinching after sniffing my hand- then it started purring and everything from that point on was pretty fast. the cat still seemed awfully edgy. i guess it usually doesn’t get petted by strangers.

a bunch of ppl from orch. were gone, so i had to scoot up a row, cuz rebecca didn’t want to… not like she was supposed to… at first, i had enough space cuz my stand partner is so slow at unpacking, but then he came along. so i’m stuck between one of the major 8th grade geeks (assuming a geek is a wannabe nerd, only stupid), and what-his-face- yi (?)- and then i’m getting a little stiff, and an awful backache. then when we started playing, i got like 10 close calls in the eye cuz what-his-face is one of those freaky ppl that kind of sway with the music (very cheesy.. i think). so now my backache is worse.
then, mr. moreno cuts class short *O.O* and so i’m stuck doing nothing for the rest of class because katherine and varsha are doing WEB (varsha is a maniac in the guise of a sweet little nerd, while on the other hand, katherine can be crazy enough to make kids comfortable, she can also be a little cold…) and are at some sort of meeting as a prep. for next year. then jinsoo kicks haemin and sung jin/jessica so i kind of get mad at him but he doesn’t notice that someone is trying to get into a fight with him *cough*. then haemin’s like haha he doesn’t have a bodyguard. then i start interrogating this random bass player cuz he goes to tkd and is within reach. but that was all.

i’ve been preparing for explosion on someone (school isn’t helping.. well, it’s helping in the other way). i even threatened isaac a bit… which is a dumb thing to do but i’m feeling really edgy a lot and it’s sort of going into my default mode.

{excerpts “…——–…”}

“…Lord, I give You my heart,
I give You my soul,
I live for You alone!
Every breath that I take,
Every moment I�m awake;
Lord, have Your way in me…”

i don’t think this is true at all. c’mon be honest. who TRULY is totally consecrated? i mean, there are the precious few, but those people are just very good. that’s not a true Christian song, i think.
i like [my cousin] David’s favorite better…

“fallen, that’s the way we all begin…

…somehow, we keep getting out of touch
with Jesus…

…we just live by how we feel…”

daang… the crew from last year is back. to plant trees. great. not. oh well… it’s gonna be a little weird… they rang the doorbell and i was slightly shocked… i thought it was OVER. i guess we called them back for more work. i wonder if we’ll buy dinner for them every now and then, again? hmm

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