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wow.. i looked up all these clique definitions on a slang dictionary. “urban dictionary” or something… people really think alike. the ppl who post either all have the same view, or else they all have one view or the other.

cilla might start coming to Davis YP meetings!!! cousyy!!!! yaaaayyy!!!!

and jennifer can be my best friend… maybe alana too, cuz i usually try to stick with both, but she’s not on xanga.

wow… i sound like a little kid.. “and JENNIFER can be my BEST FRIEND”… whatever.

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  1. 2006/05/05 00:05

    awwww! i can be ur best fiend? well then ur not mi frind nymore! And im not going to invite you to mi birthday party! wahhhhh
    nd how many times haf i told u not to put mi name up? full name nyway. i didn’t even join da holmes blogring thingy, nd then u go put mi full name up. honestly.

  2. 2006/05/05 00:05


  3. 2006/05/05 19:18

    o well the daniel i was talking about is daniel bai..

  4. 2006/05/05 21:53

    awwww…thats sweet! thanks a lot rebekah 😀 (and im not being sarcastic)p.s. something is wrong with my browser. everytime i type the apostrophe (however you spell it) mark thing i get this search bar at the bottom. really annoying.

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