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i’m just reminding myself to return a book to Alana.. i should give it back on Friday, i guess… the cover looks like ^

anybody volunteer to be my best friend? gattlnk (or whatever his username is) says one has to have one. i have gotten away with it so far…

STAR testing wasn’t too bad.. it was like being an elementary kid again… except i lost my library card so i’m not gonna check anything out for the rest of the year.

i’m gonna change my layout thing again… this one’s screwed.

heh, now it matches that kinda preppy shirt my aunt sent to me along with hordes of others… some of them… let’s just say i wouldn’t be caught dead in them…. ugh… i hate red, i hate pink, i hate flowers when they do it badly. the “kinda preppy shirt”  had a picture on it that would look nice on a layout… but i found out it was a bit on the small side. grr. which is what makes it preppy. grrr.

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  1. 2006/05/03 21:18

    hi rebekah so i was looking through those pictures(and might i say they were A- dorable) i saw meeeeee. lol i looked like i was like umm 9 years old or sumthn lol and those pix u drew yea i bet u could outdraw anybody cept esther of course. so it seems to me like everybody in the family including u marcello esther and david can draw EXCEPT for me…*cries* o well.
    ooh and define “kinda preppy”

  2. 2006/05/03 23:35

    uh huh…  sure i think it’s pretty though, whyd you want to change it?

  3. 2006/05/03 23:53

    i’d volunteer…:D

  4. 2006/05/04 00:47

    bla new site dont go to the old one…

  5. 2006/05/04 00:48

    comment back to
    because the other one is all messed up for some reason iono y so DONT GO THERE it will mess ur comp up KK?!

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