(subj: end of the year dance, orchestra trip)

ugh. I don’t know why I let Jessica Kim, and Rebecca, talk me into going to the dance. ugh ugh ugh. I am never ever ever ever going to a dance for the rest of my life.

It wasn’t completely pointless because Sehee was chatting with me in the gym, but she’s not gonna be here next year.

I followed the korean girls everywhere. They couldn’t make up their minds on what the heck they wanted to do, and this poor korean guy (Jinsoo, one of our cellists) had to follow them everywhere because the girls’ parents had told him to keep an eye on them. Being a bit on the small side, the girls could go through crowds fast but he’s a relatively large person—tall, you know—so he just kept losing them. and losing them. and losing them. and finding them. and losing them. and losing them. and finding them.

I managed to get him very mad at me. They always talk in korean, then translate, and when they talked to him, he sounded very snappy. So I asked them what was going on, then they told me, then I hit him (a bit hard), then he said I talk too much and should shut up.

At one point, Rebecca caught me in the gym… “WERE YOU IN HERE THE WHOLE TIME???!!!!”
“No but I didn’t do anything.”

I spent almost the entire night awake with the most annoying songs re-running through my head (minus about 15 minutes at about 5:30 having a really scrambled dream involving POTC and Tom Sawyer). Screw dance.

Because my parents think that not sleeping kills the immune system and if you get wet afterwards, you’ll get sick in a week, the next morning, my mom wasn’t going to let me go on the Great America field trip. My dad did after a TON of consideration, and it was good. I wasn’t allowed to get wet.

Our performance was horrible (even though we hella won).

The place (Peterson Middle School) was awful (as some people put it, “ghetto”), and whoever designed the interior of the rooms had hecka bad taste. The carpet was a really gross yellow/brown/green color and the walls were off-white.
It reminded me of the Church in Sacramento meeting hall, except the Sac meeting hall isn’t so bad. And the meeting hall WAS previously a hotel, so you can’t blame them. The neighborhood (in Sac) is creepy, though.

Their lunch area—I still can’t believe they have a student body office)—is pretty big, I guess. like a quad-thingy with lunch tables all over.

Great America—I don’t like assigning myself to a strange chaperone (not like I knew ANY of them) but the person Katherine, Haemin, Angela, Jessica, Varsha, and I (Emily wasn’t there) signed up for turned out to be OK, I guess. It’s not like we spent a lot of time with her.

Varsha, Angela and I were in a group—none of us have been on a real, real roller coaster—still haven’t—so varsha dragged me to the merry-go-round (we saw Janice and some band people lined up for the next round), then that swing thing (we saw Janice again), then that “Psycho Mouse”.

The Psycho Mouse is a kiddie’s roller coaster (Angela wanted to go on Taxi Jam later, but it was practically a toddler’s roller coaster) and it was kind of sad. Varsha has a fear of pink cars, but went on it anyway. It took us up—the turns are supposed to make you think you’re going to fall off, so Varsha and Angela screamed in the back until I told them to lean inwards. The up-downs were fine (hey, we’re beginners).

The next ride (Angela’s pick) shut down. Then we bought frozen lemonade things ($3.25!!! grr. I ended up with 75 cents. hmph.) and ran into the extremely wet others.

Apparently Jinsoo and his Emerson friend joined Katherine, Haemin, and Jessica, and they had gone on the vortex or something and gotten wet. They were mainly happy, even though they complained a little about being wet. The only really annoyed person was Jinsoo—hahahahaha he looked like a cat that’s been dumped in a pool! and the other guy (he turned out to be some prank-obsessed, so-food-obsessed-that-he-looked-betrayed-when-Jinsoo-stole-his-portion-of-some-pizza, extremely-skinny-to-the-point-where-he-looks-anorexic guy who doesn’t get sarcasm, named Augustine Cha) was looking a little depressed about his torn map (Jessica sat on it to keep it from getting too wet)… and then he emptied his pockets… His black-and-white map was folded with the chaperone directory inside, and the ticket was practically glued to it. When they opened it up, that map ripped, too, so Jessica shredded it and tossed it. There was a little green imprint from the directory.

They all walked to Top Gun (I was so shocked, none of them has seen the movie), they split again—Katherine, Angela and Varsha left (Varsha had my jacket with my cell and everything!!!). I waited in line with Haemin, Jessica, Jinsoo, and Augustine, then kind of wimped out (Haemin couldn’t convince me of anything). The ride takes FOREVER to go up, then it goes down, sideways, a fast, high loop, and a slower, large one, then twists as it goes straight, shoots past where I was waiting for them, then the clicking kind of dies. I must have waited through some 15 rides for them to come out. Screw lines.

They went into the gift shop close to where everyone else was waiting. I didn’t know where the hell I was so I didn’t know we were that close. grr. I could have not waited for them in that gift shop. wah! Augustine kept following Jessica around. I ended up looking depressed and sitting on some ledge thing under a display and repeatedly asking Jessica what time it was.

On the way to something (forget exactly what) afterwards, I don’t know WHO started it, but next thing you know, Jessica, Katherine, Haemin, and co. are running, and Augustine is trying to trample their heels. I blocked him, but then he started trying to step on ME. aahhhhhhhhh. It was funny. I got revenge—more on that later.

Dinner was disgusting. The ice cream sandwiches tasted a bit funny at first. Then again, I haven’t had one in ages. We were playing some game with Katherine’s new stuffed pig with Varsha, Katherine, and I versus Haemin, Angela, and Jessica. We won. and lost. and won. and won. Then Jinsoo and Augustine said, “boys versus girls.” Katherine (nearly) got tagged in the first round but we had to leave.
This is how the game works. The losing team starts with the pig. The opposite team tries to steal it. If you have the pig and someone tags you, that person gets the pig. If you drop the pig, the other team gets the pig. If they steal the pig, they get the pig. And vice versa.

After walking a bit, we stopped somewhere (again, I don’t remember), and while we waited, Haemin, Jessica, me, Jinsoo, Augustine, and possibly someone else played ABCD. I know Varsha didn’t play. Unfortunately for the guys, I have been anticipating a game of ABCD where I can go all out (I have to go easy on the girls). Let’s just say that on my first turn, Augustine was on the floor, yelling (and Haemin was still in one piece). Next was still my turn and Augustine went running before he submitted to his due punishment. It was soo hilarious. I let the guys catch me a whole bunch (Augustine’s pattern is ABCD-ABCD-ABCD) just so I could laugh at their revenge. Jinsoo got me with an A, so he was like,
*clap* “and this is for my friend” *slap*
I was laughing maniacally through the whole thing. He got me again, stopped and checked to see which side was redder (my left), then hit me on the right. Not that it worked. I never stopped laughing until a bit after we stopped playing.

Jessica was a bit shocked at the redness of my hand—it was red—but I just said, “My cousins can make it red and bumpy.” I like feeling unbeatable. Jinsoo probably wants to give me a good pounding. Not that i don’t deserve it, but it wouldn’t turn out the way he wishes. I’d start laughing again.

Being a stupid klutz has never been so funny, either. It’s like the staff purposely plants poles, bars, and etc. where I’m going to crash into them. I was in an incredibly good mood, so I just laughed.

That must have been the longest spaz in my life.


(subj: cuckoosnarker incident)

On the car, I accidentally dissed Isaac. Felicia realized what I said before I realized what I said.
Isaac: “we had had Day of Silence when I was in school”
me: “whooaa… it’s been around-”
Felicia: “ooh, so harsh, Rebekah”
me: *realizing too late to stop myself* “-so long”
Isaac: “are you saying I’m OLD?????!!”