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everyone’s depressed, gender inequality in hoodies, Tom Sawyer skit


I’m crossing my fingers and hoping Ms. M will accept my rough as an email attachment.

And G6, it had a stamp on it. I don’t think that you’re gonna get credit for the fake.

Is it just me, or are most people sinking into some sort of depression? Lisa’s depressed (at least it seems so half the time), X4’s depressed, and I’m too withdrawn and am sensitive at the wrong times. My mom is practically calling me a wall. I like the verse on the back of the YG sweatshirt. Maybe i should wear it again, ’cause, as darkly colored as it seems, it seems to have a positive effect on me.

Speaking of which, is it just me, or are guys getting all the cool hoods? I mean, you guys walk around with these huge hoods, while mine generally can’t even go a 2/5s over my head. I call THAT unequal treatment.

Speaking of THAT, it’s practically been proven that co-ed people don’t get as much academically (and in Young People’s Conferences), but they’re… Absorption of information increases when the genders separate. At least in certain classes. The tall black dude that was the Serving One for the spring conference said that it was ’cause the guys and the girls don’t pay attention to *ahem* other things when they mix, as in, the girls dress to impress (me not counting).

YAY spring break.

I have to play the town drunkard for Ch. 9 in Tom Sawyer. Sucks. Who wants to be a drunk fighter? I’d rather be like Injun Joe, but I guess that Tom and Huck aren’t bad, either…
I don’t have much choice. The girl parts are basically Becky, Becky, and Becky Thatcher, which are all gooey scenes- the slate scene, the engagement scene, and etc.

Naturally, Saraf quit our team ’cause she was fighting with Emily over parts, and supposedly traded with G6, except she ditched THAT crew, so G6 has to play two parts.

Tom – R3 (2nd bass)
Huck – Emily (2nd-last 1st-violin)
Injun Joe – Isabel (1st cello)
Muff Potter – me (7th 2nd-violin)
Dr. Robinson – G6 (last [or is it 2nd-last?] 2nd-violin)

All orchestra people. Nice. I guess that we do kinda stick together, but still… I wonder how we got with Isabel? She’s usually with Bridget or somebody…

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  1. 2006/04/08 10:16


  2. 2006/04/08 17:22

    ola, como estas?
    i like ur layout, it’s soooo cute!
    well, hope life gets better for you later.

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