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essay, heart dissection, PE, etc.


If you haven’t read my “essay” (last entry), read it but comment here…

and hahaha N saw my thingy N saw my xanga N saw my xangyy thingyy….yay.

Ack, it’s due to-morrow. I guess that I’d have liked more grammar corrections… If you’re extremely anti, you don’t have to comment, ’cause I’m trying to improve it.. ha ha.

Anyway… more about my depressing social life:

My mom just dissed me ’cause she thinks that I don’t talk to anyone, so I showed her some houses of people that I know that she didn’t know that I knew… Just ’cause I said that I was stuck with Timothy from TKD… he’s obsessed with spinning things, and the two choices of self-entertainment was either to watch him toss Enterprise things, or the TKD people’s kids play dodgeball.  Especially after that green belt finished testing. Adults are so lucky. They just take off when they need to. Us kids…. wait….. And wait…. and wait… And the other day, J5 showed me the other person’s sister, who looked creepily like his other brother, who said that he sprained his ankle in order to avoid a lecture from Mr. Q about not showing up for classes but showing up to pick up his little brother. I was wondering why the girl looked familiar. Then again, she looked like last year’s ninth grade’s red-headed Joanna (spelling?), only asian. Well, half asian. I should practice at home… instead of updating…

And at school, my orchestra stand partner is such a loser. (K4, you know what I mean).  When he plucks during “Molly On the Shore” (we had the worst songs this semester), it looks like he’s trying to kill his violin, not to mention when we have really short notes… oh boy. He is so stiff. I’m afraid that his bow will explode and hit either of the K4/Shocks on either side.  Not to mention him sitting in proximity to L3 = constant bickering, a battle of wits… see who cracks the dumbest, sarcastic-joke insult. ALL THROUGH THE SECTIONAL. L3 taps me on the shoulder to see if I’ll turn the way that she wants me to, while they go bla bla bla trying to sound more sophisticated than the other.

Not to mention that the section leader is a bit of a loser. He never sounds annoyed and smiles too much. Like he’s mentally ill.

It’s not like i try to be discriminatory, but mentally ill people can make me very uncomfortable… to say the least. Especially when I have to guard a huge bowl of cornbread cupcakes and another with defrosted corn. while everyone runs off to do something else. taking who knows how long.

We’re doing a skit thing for english on Tom Sawyer… I’m part of the Graveyard Murder crew, and I have the choice of Injun Joe or Muff Potter. Personally, I like IJ better, ’cause at least he’s SMART. Relatively.

X4 just reminded me… I have the fattest sheep heart in the class. Everyone else was done, and I was still trying to figure out where in all the hell the fat (cardial sack thingy) ended and the heart started, while everyone else scribbled notes and kept their gloves clean. Then R3 dared me to shove my fingers down the aorta, so I did. It was COLD. At first it was like… Ummm… am I damaging anything….? Then I really got in…. and it was cold. Towards the center (duh). But it was WEIRD. It was kinda fun. G6 dared HER to do it, but she didn’t do it ’cause G6 didn’t say that she was gonna buy her cookies.
I got an extra jelly bean from R3 though. I got 4 green, one pink (ew), G6 got 4 green, and U4 got the last green ’cause G6 didn’t want to give it to ME. And we got all the greens ’cause R3 was afraid to try them. Then we had to do the perimeter, and I got 11:11, causing Ms. D to give me a funny look, and say, “Are you sure you didn’t run?” (meaning for the past month) and R3’s like, “That’s pretty good,” and I wanted to know what was so great about it, so they reminded me that I haven’t been running for a month. I was like, “Ohhhh. I see.” I would’ve [kept] up with R3 but after all that reading on heart disease, I guessed that it wasn’t healthy to push so hard for the first time in a while. So I slowed down. Then I started wheezing. Then I stopped, and started running again. And I freaked near the end so I took off when I hit the blacktop. And I was thinking “11:11? What? Nuh-uh! Is that my usual time? That’s horrible.”

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  1. 2006/04/06 20:24

    I take it this was an assignment, so I’m not going to argue against you, even though you are wrong. : )

  2. 2006/04/07 00:37

    You don’t know what hip-hop is? @_@ It’s music. I sort of consider it a mix between rap and pop. I don’t like listening to it too much.

  3. 2006/04/07 19:21

    your parents aren’t republicans, right?

  4. 2006/04/07 20:46

    your comment on C5’s brother’s xanga is EXACTLY what is wrong with america. you said that your parents don’t like Bush, but really didn’t like the other candidate. I don’t blame you for this, but I’d just like to point out that there are other candidates and parties. everyone assumes that there is a two-party system in which you are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils, but that’s not true. there are other candidates as well. just so you know.

  5. 2006/04/07 23:10

    hey, wait, why are you asking about what I look like? I posted pictures of myself last week. well, I really do not look anything like my sister.

  6. 2006/04/08 01:42


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