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I’m reading some random book about a guy who becomes a skinhead ’cause he needs a job but they’re all reserved for Asians etc. Sucks. It wasn’t that fair on him… but I guess he was forced into skinhead-dom. Still. It’s weird. He became one because he tried to save a kid who spoke mainly farsi and was friends with him from them, then they knocked him out and dragged him to the headquarters. Kinda weird. Writers these days don’t spare the dialogue either. So there’s the f-word, the other f-word, the a-word, etc. Yup. ‘ ‘;

I just realized that I have a phobia of names. Believe it or not, there are certain people that I will never call by their names without feeling a bit squeamish. For instance, “lanbexx” AKA (breathe in, breathe out, I can say people’s names, I can say people’s names) B6. And keryth12 AKA (spasm… OK I think I can..) X2. and… fatmadbat, whom I’m not going to use AKA for because this is wearing me out.

Taken from H, made by someone named Leanna

birthday- [withheld]
5’5″ is (That’s H’s height, I suppose, so I’m guessing i’m 5’6″ ish, but heck, I can round down.)

ice cream- vanilla
color- shades of blue (me too) and olive green, and almost any green except neon green, I only accept neon green when it’s not on something man-made.
article of clothing owned- I know that I never go to YG, but the one of the things that I actually like about it is the sweater. Designed by W4…. oh and W4, I realized recently that <2ndpartofusername> is “W4” backwards. Yeup. I’m kinda sad. Haha.
shoe- Right now, the only pair that I actually wear is a NB, but it’s falling apart and I don’t generally pay attention to this kind of thing.
shop- list!: Costco. Need I say more?
pencil- mechanical ones… especially pentel
bag-  the tote my mom let me use and I got addicted to it. It was sponsored by k9 advantix (I know. Big deal).
Sanrio character- pocochacco (or is it pochacco?)
movie- Actually, I don’t have one.
band- Does my orchestra count?
nail polish color- phobia of this
sock- What th- ‘K sure… uhhmmmmm don’t have one.
fave word- phobia

school- People with social lives kill me.
graduation- haha When I got N’s letter, my dad said that I had a scholarship to Taiwan. I was like..”…huh?….wait a second!….GIMME THAT!!” (attacks dad)
want to eat– My mom just stuffs me. Every lunchtime, it’s the same story. today i couln’t find my normal lunch crew, so i hung out with the korean fobs. it was funny…korean sounds funny. i don’t understand a word.
want to drink– apple juice that won’t make me choke; everything makes me choke… even rice… (sigh)
want to go– TO SLEEEEPP (me too)

current crush- What, am I supposed to have one? (<.<……>.>….ew.)
enemy- an assortment of guys at school (one disses me, another one disses me… and the others make me sick)
ugliest fashion- slut
waiting for- Someone to help me practice monkey in the middle, which me, R3, G6, U4, V4, and Rachel have been playing today: I actually managed to snatch the ball a couple times and smuggle it past R3.
wish- a horse, a stable, interesting HW, a life, and bow-and-arrows. not to mention trees, grass, trees, pets, no allergy to grass, snakes, grass snakes, and to co-exist with some sort of rodent… preferably rotund. But squirrels are cute, too.

yeah I’m still messing with the xanga details. Why not?

If you’re as stupid as I am, you watch MVs of the extremely well-known bands because otherwise, you don’t have a “life”. It’s not worth watching. Mostly. Some of it is OK. Others… just… back off slowly.

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  1. 2006/04/04 19:52

    this is how I spend my time at home when I ditch school. I mean, when I’m sick..

  2. 2006/04/04 21:25

    heh you 5’6″ that is probably true ^-~ and also driving is fun
    I’ll teach you, [Shock], as long as you don’t grind any of my gears on my car

  3. 2006/04/04 22:50

    LOL I actually decided to read your entry. LOL! name phobias??? wow that’s a new one. can you say ‘eureka’? it’s the same thing LOL. funny how your ‘name phobias’ are B6 and me.. the WTF couple. hahahaha.

  4. 2006/04/04 22:51

    dude OK allison orr (CEblueyes) thinks you stalk all her friends on myspace hahaha.

  5. 2006/04/05 20:45

    Fob? so mean [Shock]!
    not good idea for you to learn to drive either… LOLz; JK

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