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My first period teacher is forcing everyone to learn how to bargain in, like, Spanish, which is not going to work. And then we have presentations, which are impromptu, on Wed thru Fri.
My second period teacher had a surgery today and will be down for like a LONG time. We’ll be doing heart dissections with a sub, who was picked out specifically! Whoopee. Not.
My third period teacher is Ms. D. Now I actually have to do stuff during class instead of playing teacher’s slave. Neither of which make good prospects.
My fourth period teacher just gave us a new project. Whee.
My fifth period teacher gave me an A- and a note saying “China Boy is overdue” soo I better see how things are getting along in the library. Man… I haven’t gotten an A in English for a quarter grade for what seems like forever. I either got As or Ds, which came to overall Bs.
My sixth period teacher gave us a written assignment. Jaw-dropping. Literally.
My seventh period just had us do a quiz which wasn’t worth any point.

My dad’s new fave word is bullshit. My mom is depressed. Hannah is having mood swings. And i live in a neat house. Everything is a little crazy.

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  1. 2006/04/03 20:32

    LOL Russell Peters.
    no but I really practiced for it. and I could have done well. but my mind locked up and I played way worse than I could have. and getting into symphonic band is a goal for me, or else I’m dropping band.

  2. 2006/04/03 20:49

    I know Erin, and you comment on her site so yeah.

  3. 2006/04/03 22:02

    I HAVE DEAD LINKS??? WHERE?? – no I did not know I had dead links. hahaha.

  4. 2006/04/04 09:29

    OK… I knew about the words “chinc” and “jap” already, but I thought “gook” was just a general asian racial word.
    Yes, I realize that I dropped several f-bombs, but oh well. I too, hate most of the popular culture in the world.
    Anyway, don’t worry. I’m not going to get in an argument with you about music. You didn’t really start one with me.

  5. 2006/04/04 18:33

    interesting life huh? well…………… to put it this way, it could be a heck of a lot worse…… right? well, just keep thinking that.

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