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brain tumor


Fine, I’ll update…

Wow… who’s “somethingcrude”?

My grandpa is coming from Taiwan sometime ’cause he needs to get a brain tumor removed… Let’s just say American technology in this aspect is generally better…

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  1. 2006/04/01 05:34

    wow ouch I hope your grandpa will get better
    I will pray for him when the time is right AKA I’ll pray before his surgery that it goes smoothly ^-^;; and what was wawawait was what mean?

  2. 2006/04/01 13:35

    OMG I hope your grampa will be okay!!
    YOU WHAT!!!! you cut your hair!!!! did you donate it? you better have or else… grrrrrr

  3. 2006/04/01 14:12

    Somethingcrude is Miles, who is my boyfriend. I’m Caity, and we all go to DaVinci. W00t. We are all a very friendly bunch, until we get hungry and eat your spleen.
    Okay, just kidding, we’re nice. : P

  4. 2006/04/01 14:13

    PS: He whores Stephenson books out to everyone. : P <him3

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