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YP meeting is at my house at like 6:30, ‘K.

M2 was supposed to come but she’s sick. Yeah I know, I just said that it was ’cause my aunt was mad at her, but I think aunt O6 figures that it’s ’cause she wears too little that she got sick. Like, she figures M2 could afford to have some more sleeve, for starters. Then she got started and got into the hour a day for painting [makeup] and then some for every time they go to dinner out or something. I’m serious. Last time we went to Kim Son Buffet (after she almost succeeded killing me with a football while making it look like she was trying to teach me to catch it), she went upstairs to change, and it seriously did take forever.

Her dog Mocca is soo cute though. It’s a toy poodle. I wish that we still had Rocky, who almost had Mocca for dessert the last time they met. Mocca escaped certain death-by-shredding by slipping through little cracks to get out of the way. It’s annoying, though: THE DOG IS NOT HOUSE-TRAINED, NOR WILL IT EVER GO OUTSIDE ON ITS OWN FOUR FEET. Rocky, on the other hand, was considerable well-mannered considering how vicious he could get. And Rocky had a cuter face. Poodles’ noses are too sharp, I think. Whatever, who cares.

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  1. 2006/04/01 21:04

    what did she wear?
    oh OK… so you did donate it… that’s good… I bet you look great in your new cut

  2. 2006/04/01 21:36

    well then you’re lucky

  3. 2006/04/02 00:14

    …The dog only has two feet…?

  4. 2006/04/02 08:16

    LOL the owner and the dog are preppy

  5. 2006/04/02 13:48

    poor two-footed dog

  6. 2006/04/02 22:23

    heh your dog was just plain vicious but meh mannered *ponders* probably not
    I mean it stole your phone so I don’t think it is mannered

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