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Don’tcha wish that official documents were translated to modern english? I mean, what the heck is “construed”? And they use “shall” way too much. And this is the USA PATRIOT Act, 2001 edition. 2001. You’ve gotta be kidding me. The language still looks like 1887, so far as I’m concerned. If they made things so that even teens could actually read it without previous experience in deciphering government documents, then maybe the messages wouldn’t be so hard to get. And you think Shakespearean english was hard. Augh. Well, like it or not, I SAID that I was gonna read it, and so I shall, d*****.

Which just reminded me…
Some generally annoyingly funny guys in my math class just happen to be in my table group for the week. Great. Today’s theme was How Many Times You Can Put The F Word In Everything You Say. I was thinking, “… oh… G-… NOW LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!! YOU NEARLY MADE ME SWEAR!!! eh-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHH” *sigh* And one of them was one of the few guys that I’m friends with (or at least that I am not about to rip out something sarcastic against).
I know, I know… *winces as everyone yells in shock, “YOU’RE FRIENDS WITH A GUY?! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?!”*

Is it annoying how I always have these one-word questions that just make me sound so clueless?

~Lucy, Peanuts

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  1. 2006/03/28 01:50

    LOL it happened a long time ago [Shock] you jus realized it until now
    hmm I wonder why
    *winces back*
    and what does that mean on the comment you left on my xanga?

  2. 2006/03/28 08:00

    yike [Shock] calm down o.O
    LOL you were spazzing on my xanga too… what’s up?

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