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ATS catalog


‘K the ATS catalog is in. There’s some people from my city (and M2) in the pics, so here goes (I don’t know everyone though, so don’t blame me if I miss someone):

p. 2- O7 (Holmes 7th Grader, ate lunch with me ’cause M2 hadn’t started going yet) is the first profiled person in the catalog!
p. 29- P2 (an idiot in the 8th GATE Core) is also profiled
p. 45- B6 is looking like a complete nerd (he looks like he’s actually paying attention and taking notes) above the entry for Writing Skills: Taking Timed Exams
p. 51- O3 looks cool above Study Strategies, holding a book open, looking up with a “yeah?” expression
p. 54- M2 is smiling for the camera with a couple of other girls over Juggling


My mom’s forcing my to apply this gross cream to my face ’cause she’s getting ticked off at my chapped lips (I have a deep gash running down the center [deep considering it’s on lips]) and I hate it. Every time that I inhale, I feel like throwing up. My mom tried it, and my sister tried it, and they’re like, “I don’t smell anything.” Seriously, it’s like plastic, only, not good plastic, like toxic stuff that gets into your food if you don’t keep it in your fridge and shove it in your microwave oven.

OK, I took K4’s MyHeritage Face thing (it searches against celebrities) for a pic of M2 and me… Oh man… This is so funny


  • Ninet Tayeb (who?)
  • Lucy Liu (wha-?)
  • BoA (H looks more like BoA) (see pic of BoA, then H)
    [img of BoA]
    heh I stole these from H’s Ringo
    [2 imgs of H]
  • Sammi Cheng (who?)
  • Iris Chang (you’ve GOT to be KIDDING me!!! nothing alike… ‘cept the name)
  • Song Hye-Kyo (isn’t this a korean name?)
  • Kristin Kreuk (a caucasian??)
  • Kim Hee-sun (another korean??)
  • Drew Barrymore (and yet another caucasian??)


  • Michelle Wie (OK… weird..)
  • Gong Li (wha-????)


Haha I did it again for another pic (of me and Pet B, but unfortunately, they can tell it’s a dog)… (to the non-discriminatory to gender search) I look caucasian, chinese, and black. Black ???? (and they were all guys, too) What the… OK… I don’t really know much about this, but for black, I got some guy called 50 cent, some guy named Wole Soyinka (like what?), and B B King. Don’t laugh. Now I look like a little caucasian girl named Anna Popplewell, some kid named Haley Joel Osment, and this really ugly guy named Matt Damon, whose photo freaks me out. For asian, some guy name Won Bin, Gong Li (again), and some Roh Tae-woo, who sounds really korean. on yet another pic, I got a million freaky girls and Lucy Liu as well. O..K…

Yeah, I’m being stupid. This thing is cheap. Haha. It’s free. Ha. I’m being so stupid. Hahahahahhahhhahhhahhah.

“Hahahhahhhhhhhhahahhahah” just reminded me… Man… B pulled out this psychology quiz thing on the group at Jia Mei last night… When I found out the answers.. um… ack ack ack ack … it was funny but… uh-ehhm.. very weird… I went into hysterics, and K4 said (almost laughing), “What’s so funny?” and the guys were giving me the “she has COMPLETELY lost it THIS time” look and B was like “oh-oh I did it this time.” So they took it, too, while I hid on the other side of this partition wall thing (Y and X’s house is very weird. but that’s not the point [not that there is one]) and… then… Y guessed and B told K4 the answers… then both us K4s died. Not literally. But it was awful. I hid most of the time during the explaining, so I don’t know how the other two people got it, but it seemed like they did.. I calmed down eventually, and we all agreed, “It SOO does not work.” B apparently did it to her brother, too, so the others were curious to know his results. He was just like, “NO. Fine, no comment.” He didn’t really say it, but it sounded like it. B said that I should have known, being a xangan, but I didn’t so it doesn’t matter. She also had another one that wasn’t quite so hysterical but it produced results that didn’t make sense to me, at least. I should have put cow before sheep, but who cares.

I’m eating a “suan mei” sour thingy. It’s like dried and preserved and etc. We have a bunch. They’re good if you don’t bite on them because when I do that, it messes with my teeth AKA they feel weird. So I don’t, and just withstand the sourness. Ha. Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla…..

I’m awfully boring, aren’t I?

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  1. 2006/03/25 17:02

    do you mean spew? yeah. they did leave it out. =X

  2. 2006/03/25 20:17

    haha I love suan mei
    don’t know what went up in the upper part of the entry.. LOL

  3. 2006/03/25 23:23

    Haha I think I have a mucho mucho cool picture in the ATS booklet.

  4. 2006/03/26 02:47

    yes you are very boring

  5. 2006/03/26 03:03

    LOL. that pic was for my japanese class

  6. 2006/03/26 20:02

    -___-;; I don’t know any of these people….

  7. 2006/03/26 20:02

    it’s not an insult, I literally don’t know any of these people!!!

  8. 2006/03/27 00:46

    LOL for realz… that stupid “calm down” mechanism thing does NOT work with me.

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